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Covid-19: Denmark abandons health restrictions – Franceinfo




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In Denmark, a thousand cases of Covid-19 are recorded every day, but yet, on September 10, the country will drop the last health restrictions.

On September 10, Denmark will abandon the last health restrictions linked to the Covid-19 epidemic. Danes can already return to the restaurant without health pass control: “We do things more spontaneously, we come out more”, estimates a resident of Copenhagen. For restaurateurs who had to refuse customers, this is a relief. A hairdresser, however, is worried: she greets clients without a mask without knowing if they are vaccinated or cured: “It worries me a bit, but I trust the health authorities”, says Dorthe Holk.

Denmark was the first to impose the health pass last March. Now, the government believes the virus is under control, and 76% of the population has received at least one dose of the vaccine. But for epidemiologist Viggo Andreasen, since children are not vaccinated, the chances of the epidemic continuing are great.


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