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DIVORCE signed ugly on her: PHOTO Sexy Slovenka showed a dorantan face… She was afraid to look at herself in the mirror! – Topky


Stress is the cause of many health problems. Recently, the well-known Slovak sex bomb Lucia Javorčeková also paid for it. The divorce from her daughter’s father was especially marked on her face. So ugly that she was afraid to look in the mirror in the morning. She suffered from low self-esteem and depression.

“2-3 years ago, I would not be able to talk about my problematic skin, nor would I show it in public, I was hiding, suffering from low self-esteem, disrupting many job offers. It even caused me depression. I was afraid to look at myself in the mirror every morning, ” shocks Javorcekova.

DIVORCE on her

Source: Instagram LJ

It may sound superficial, but as a woman who feeds on her appearance, she found her problems very difficult. She wanted to feel beautiful again. “All those stomach / skin problems were caused by the stress of my divorce proceedings, in which I lost almost everything. I faced many lies, I had to make many sacrifices … ” admitted Lucia.

Stress caused her food intolerances. “I adjusted my meal plan. I went regularly for mechanical facial cleansing every 2-3 weeks, which was very painful and I did not see the results in the long run. I was afraid I would have scars left. ” the well-known Slovak continued. After six months in Mexico, she decided to completely change her treatment process. And it paid off. Today, Lucia is once again proud of her healthy and smooth skin.

DIVORCE on her

Source: Instagram LJ


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