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Fear of a new pandemic: An outbreak of an unknown disease in India worries doctors – Topka


In northern India, doctors are concerned about the outbreak of a new disease that has already cost the lives of 50 people, including many children. Scientists are working under high pressure to isolate and identify the pathogen.

According to the Daily Star, many infected people complained of high fever, headaches and severe nausea. Hundreds of patients had to be treated at a hospital in Uttar Pradesh.

WHO CORONAVIRUS is concerned: It monitors THIS variants of covid, it may escape the immune system

None of the dead tested positive for coronavirus. Tests were performed on those suffering from the new epidemic to rule out that their symptoms were caused by Covid-19. The BBC server informed about it.

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Dengue fever?

Some medical experts suggest that the disease may be dengue fever, a viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes that affects millions of people worldwide each year. The reason for the doctors’ suspicion is the lack of platelets, which has been found in some patients.

Even with dengue fever, the infections have too few platelets, which means that the blood can no longer clot well. Blood clotting is important for closing wounds and thus protecting against high blood loss. However, it is not certain that the mysterious disease is dengue fever.

Fear of a new pandemic:

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Many children died of a mysterious fever

In Firozabad district, 40 people died of mysterious fever, including 32 children. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), dengue is transmitted by infected female mosquitoes. So far, four types of virus are known. The WHO estimates that there are 50 million to 100 million cases of dengue fever worldwide each year. Three billion people live in countries where dengue fever is endemic.

WHO’s latest report on the coronavirus: Scientists warn, window closes!

Despite the symptoms, doctors have not yet been able to prove that the mysterious disease is dengue fever. Outbreaks of unknown disease are not uncommon in India, especially after the monsoon, when mosquito populations are growing.

For example, cucugamusi fever, Japanese encephalitis, Chikungunya fever and leptospirosis are diseases that are common in India and can be fatal. If diagnostics and contact monitoring are not performed, the disease can spread rapidly and is difficult to control.


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