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Covid-19: we explain why vaccinated parents are less well compensated than non-vaccinated parents – franceinfo


According to our colleagues from “Parisien-Today in France”, in the event of absence for a sick child, parents vaccinated against Covid will have to resort to partial unemployment while those who are not will be able to benefit from a better sick leave. compensated. franceinfo explains why.

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There is a flaw in the government’s system that compensates parents of children positive for Covid-19: vaccinated parents will be less well compensated than unvaccinated parents in the event of a sick child, reveals the Parisian-Today in France Friday September 3. Thus, the former will have to resort to partial unemployment when the latter will be able to benefit from better compensated sick leave.

Indeed, since July 22, a fully vaccinated person is no longer considered a contact case when they meet a person positive for Covid-19. And this new rule creates inequalities of treatment in the compensation system for parents who must stop working in the event of a sick child. Concretely, only a parent who has not been vaccinated or who has not yet received his second dose will be declared a contact case if his child is positive. He will then be able to stay with his child for seven days, benefiting from sick leave, without a waiting period. He will then receive 90% of his income, or 100% in the event of a more generous company agreement.

In this context, the parent who has received his two doses of vaccine will not be declared a contact case and will therefore not be able to benefit from a work stoppage covered by health insurance. In private companies, he will have to ask his employer to place him on partial unemployment. He will then receive 84% of his net salary, a little less therefore than with daily social security allowances. But the employer can refuse.

Another solution: ask for “sick children” days, on condition of being able to have them because they are often reserved for employees of large companies. He can also ask for days off and RTT. Finally, there is the solution of teleworking, if it proves possible, and subject to being able to work with a child at home.

Finally, the last resort: unpaid, unpaid leave. At the Ministry of Labor, it is said that the problem has been identified and that it will not last. The solution is being arbitrated and it should be communicated quickly, indicates the entourage of Elisabeth Borne.


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