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Djebbari wants to discuss free train tickets for railway workers and their families


Transport Minister Jean-Baptiste Djebbari visiting the Gare de l’Est in Paris on May 10, 2020 (POOL / Thomas SAMSON)

The Minister for Transport, Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, estimated Friday that it was appropriate to “discuss” the perimeter of “traffic facilities”, the tariff reductions granted by the SNCF to more than a million railway workers and members of their families, in the event of transfer to competitors.

“In principle, I agree that the railway workers keep benefits in kind,” Djebbari told RMC. “After the subject, the specificity of the SNCF is that the perimeter is very wide,” he noted.

Today, active and retired agents, their partners, their children under 21 or students, as well as their ascendants, benefit from free tickets or at reduced prices.

The 2018 railway reform law, which organizes in particular the opening up to competition, defined the main guarantees for employees in the event of transfer to a competitor, but entrusted the social partners with the definition of additional guarantees, including traffic facilities. .

“We are going to initiate consultation (…) next week with the unions. The idea (…) is to be able to settle this subject before we have a system of competition”, a noted Mr. Djebbari.

“I am in favor of making it easier for railway workers. We have to see the perimeter, in any case discuss it. It is a question of credibility, in any case of acceptability of the system”, he summed up.

A report commissioned by the government estimates at 105 million euros per year the loss of turnover induced by the circulation facilities granted to working people and retirees, as well as to their dependents.

“Active and retired agents (328,144 in 2020) of the historic company and their beneficiaries (786,692 in 2020) have benefited, since its creation, from circulation facilities”, notes this report, published by the Context newsletter.

“For an active agent and his beneficiaries, this loss is evaluated at 404 euros per year. In view of the monetary value of the benefits in kind granted by other companies to their employees, this amount does not appear exorbitant”, admits- he.

On the other hand, the report points out the importance of the scope of application and “the tariff reductions that may result in the service being completely free”.

It offers four scenarios to “shed light” on future negotiations in the branch, from extending the current system to all railway undertakings to compensation for transferred agents.

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