NewsWorldAs Herschel Walker is running for a U.S. Senate...

As Herschel Walker is running for a U.S. Senate seat from Georgia, a recently revealed harassment complaint puts his troubled record under the microscope.


(CNN) – A Texas woman told police in 2002 that Senate candidate Herschel Walker had threatened and harassed her, according to a police report obtained by CNN.

The woman, a friend of Herschel Walker’s ex-wife, told police that the football star had been following her, and that he had previously made “threats” and had “watched her home.” The report did not specify the nature of the threats from Walker, who is now one of the highest-profile Senate candidates in the country and a close ally of former President Donald Trump, who endorsed it this Thursday.

Over the years, two other women, Walker’s ex-wife and an ex-girlfriend, also accused him of making threats, telling authorities that Walker claimed he would shoot them in the head.

His tales from years ago resurfaced in recent weeks when Herschel Walker, who gained national fame as a college football player at the University of Georgia, launched a campaign for the disputed state Senate seat. The account of the third woman’s incident had not been previously reported.

Herschel Walker greets President Donald Trump at an event in Atlanta, Georgia, on September 25, 2020.
Credit: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI / AFP via Getty Images

The woman, who was in her early 20s at the time she contacted police, confirmed to CNN this week that Walker had threatened her, but asked not to be identified and declined to discuss the details of her threats. He stressed that he never dated or had a relationship with Walker.

The Herschel Walker campaign declined to respond to the woman’s allegations or discuss the 2002 police report. In response to questions about the incident, campaign spokesperson Mallory Blount cited Walker’s past struggles with mental health issues. , of which he has spoken publicly.

“It is sad that many politicians and media outlets who praised Herschel for his transparency more than a decade ago are now making false statements, stereotyping, attacking and trying to sensationalize his past just because he is a Republican Senate candidate,” he said. it’s a statement.

Reports detail allegations against Walker

In the May 2002 report, obtained by CNN through a public records request, a police officer in the Dallas suburb of Irving wrote that he responded to a “loitering call” from a woman who said she believed someone was “loitering outside your home”. The woman said she “thought she knew who the person was,” but was “very reluctant to tell me,” the agent, Jason Mullins, wrote in the report.

Eventually, the woman told Mullins that the person she suspected was Walker. The woman told the officer that about a year before calling the police, she had “had a confrontation” with Herschel Walker and “he began to call her, threaten her and watch her home.” It is not clear from the document what those threats consisted of.

The woman said that Walker had recently been found at a local resort and that the former soccer star “got into” her vehicle and followed her “home,” according to the report.

“She is afraid of the individual and is afraid that he will start teasing her again,” Mullins wrote. “She advised that she does not want to be contacted under any circumstances as she feels this will only make the problem worse,” he added.

Mullins wrote that he spoke to the guard at the entrance to the woman’s neighborhood, who said he had not seen Walker enter the area.

Mullins, who continues to work for the Irving Police Department, said the department did not further investigate the woman’s allegations from what it was able to ascertain.

“Since she stated that she did not want us to contact him, it is unlikely that we would have, but I cannot be sure,” Mullins told CNN. The agent said the woman’s complaint appeared to have been taken as a “data report” to be kept on file, rather than a “criminal offense report” to be forwarded to police investigators.

The complaint, along with Walker’s divorce

The complaint came at the same time that Walker’s wife, Cindy Grossman, was divorcing him after almost two decades of marriage.

Grossman has spoken publicly about Walker’s death threats during their marriage. In a interview 2008 with CNN medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta said Walker put a razor to his throat and, at one point, “put a gun to my temple and told me he was going to blow my brains out. “. Grossman did not respond to CNN’s request for comment this week.

The threats continued after the couple broke up. In December 2005, Grossman applied for an order of protection against Walker. Grossman’s sister, Maria Tsettos, said in an affidavit filed with the application that Walker had called her and threatened to kill Grossman and her then-boyfriend. He stated “unequivocally that he was going to shoot my sister Cindy and her boyfriend in the head,” Tsettos said.

One day that month, Grossman and her boyfriend were at a mall when Walker “passed slowly in his vehicle, pointed his finger at (Grossman) and followed her with his finger as she drove,” according to the petition. Walker had called Tsettos threatening Grossman again earlier that day.

The judge granted the request for a protection order. The Associated Press first reported of the case.

Walker’s book details his mental health problems

Walker has spoken publicly about her mental health issues during her marriage to Grossman, saying in interviews and writing in a book that she had been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder, formerly known as multiple personality disorder. In an interview with CNN in 2008, he said that he did not remember being violent with his wife, but he did not deny it and pointed out that one of the symptoms of his disorder was blackout.

In his book, Walker wrote that he sought help for his disorder after another violent episode in 2001, in which he drove through the Dallas area looking for a man who had failed to deliver a car he had purchased. Walker wrote that voices in his head were telling him to kill the man, and he imagined “the visceral enjoyment he would get from seeing the small entrance hole and the gush of brain tissue and blood, like a 4th of July firework, exploding. behind him”. She battled impulses and went to a doctor, she said, and later wrote her book Destigmatizing Mental Illness.

Another woman who was romantically involved with Walker made similar accusations to Grossman’s. Myka Dean, who told police she had an on-and-off relationship with Walker for 20 years, said he had threatened her with death, according to a 2012 Irving police report.

A police officer wrote that Dean said Walker “told him he was going to come and sit outside his apartment and ‘blow his head off when he got out,'” the report says. “Then he said [a Dean] that he was going to ‘blow his head off’ after killing her. “

Dean expressed doubts about the threat reporting, the agent wrote, saying she did not “want him to get in trouble” and becoming “quite secretive.”

The agent noted that the department had “prior contacts” with Walker, citing another police report from 2001. The Irving Police Department declined to publicly release that report this week, saying it was being held “pending a request for the opinion of the Attorney General “.

The indictment of Dean, who died in 2019, was reported for the first time last week by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

When asked about Dean’s statement to police, Blount, Walker’s spokeswoman, said the candidate “emphatically denies these false claims,” ​​calling them an example of a “political attack.”

Dean’s mother told the Journal-Constitution she was unaware of the allegations, adding that “we are very proud of the man Herschel Walker has become.”

CNN’s Drew Griffin, Nelli Black, Audrey Ash and Yahya Abou-Ghazala contributed to this report.


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