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IPhone owners collectively set France as their residence area. They have a very good reason for this –


Owners of any electronic device know very well that their use will degrade the quality of the product over time. Owners of smartphones in particular know this, and after a few months they may show various signs of use, which slows them down. However, some companies can also slow down devices remotely. And while most manage to cover it up, Apple has already paid for it once.

There is no way for users to prevent equipment from deteriorating. The only thing they can do is take good care of the purchased – for example, smartphone -. However, what to do if you take good care of the device, but it is hit by “force majeure”, ie directly by the manufacturer, and your smartphone, despite your knowledge, “slows down” remotely?

How informs the IFL Science portal, there is a relatively simple trick to this, which also appeared in the discussion on the social network Reddit. Since the company Apple a few years ago, it deliberately slowed down the systems of some older phone models remotely iPhone, decided to choose dozens of owners with the company.

Apple deliberately slowed down devices

It’s all related according to the GizChina website with a fine imposed by Apple in France in 2020. The company was fined € 25 million for deliberately slowing down the performance of older equipment without their owners knowing.

Illustration photo: Pexels

When this case came up, Apple defended itself in 2017 that it was really deliberately slowing down its older devices. It was designed to increase the performance of lithium-ion batteries, which age over time. But many saw the move as an attempt to force owners of older models to buy newer ones. And because Apple has been successfully fined in France, users have stopped slowing down the system.

A hack that can help

So many other owners of older iPhone models have come up with a pretty handy hack. To avoid similar problems, and Apple did not intentionally slow down their phones, they set France as the region of use of the device. This is despite the fact that they do not really live there. He believes that in this country Apple has completely stopped with a deliberate slowdown.

Illustration photo: Pexels

But take a step according to IFL Science seems unnecessary, as changing the region can cause various other problems with the device. This can restart automatically at any time, which is more annoying than slowing down the phone. In addition, Apple started from the version iOS 11.3 in Settings offer the ability to monitor battery performance as well as battery wear. The owner also notifies the phone if there is something wrong with the battery in the smartphone and needs to be replaced.

Simple instructions

However, if you have an older iPhone model and would like to prevent any intentional slowdown of the system, you can also set France as the region. Just open it Settings. Click on Apple ID, then to Media and shopping a View account. IN Account settings then just click on Country / Region and select France.

Illustration photo: Pexels

At the same, as IFL Science noted, on new iPhone models, setting up another region is pointless as it won’t work. Newer models also have newer versions of iOS, which already warn of battery problems in advance.


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