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The new government in Afghanistan has its leader: Britain will not recognize the legitimacy of the Taliban – Topka


The composition of the new government will probably be announced on Saturday, not Friday, as originally expected. In addition to Baradar, who is the head of the Taliban’s political office, according to unnamed sources, Muhammad Yakub, the son of the founder of the fundamentalist Mullah Omar movement, and Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai will hold senior positions in the new government.

“All top leaders have arrived in Kabul, where preparations for the announcement of a new government are in full swing.” told a Taliban member of the Taliban on condition of anonymity. The cabinet was originally expected to be announced after Friday afternoon prayers. However, a Taliban spokesman told AFP that it would not happen on Saturday at the earliest.

The Taliban announced on Wednesday that the top leader of Afghanistan, to whom the prime minister and president would report, would be the leader of the radical movement, Haybatullah Achundzad. According to the Taliban, discussions on the composition of the government are over.

The Taliban had previously said that it would not create a new cabinet until all American troops had left the country. The United States completed its removal on the night of Tuesday, August 31, when the last planes and their troops flew from the airport in the capital Kabul, ending the 20-year US military presence in Afghanistan.

The militant movement occupied the capital Kabul on 15 August and currently faces resistance only in the Punjir Valley north of the Afghan capital, where heavy fighting is taking place and casualties are being reported.

Britain will not recognize the Taliban as government representative in Kabul

Britain will not recognize the Taliban as the representative of the new legitimate government in Afghanistan. But London has to deal with this new reality. This was announced on Friday by the British Minister of Foreign Affairs Dominic Raab on a visit to Pakistan, the Reuters agency writes.

According to Raab, London does not want Afghanistan to go into economic and social decline. Raab also said that without the cooperation with the Taliban, which seized the Afghan capital on 15 August, it would not have been possible for the British authorities to evacuate some 15,000 people from Kabul. “Our approach is that we do not recognize the Taliban as a government.” he said that Britain usually recognizes states rather than governments. “We consider the ability to maintain contact with them and create a direct communication channel as important,” added Raab.

Source: SITA / AP / Stephanie Lecoq

Western countries fear fears that a possible humanitarian crisis and economic collapse in Afghanistan could trigger a wave of migration with hundreds of thousands of refugees, according to Reuters. However, they are cautious about the Taliban’s promises. “The Taliban has given us some commitments – some of them are positive on the word level. Now we need to test them and see if they translate into action.” stated the head of British diplomacy.

According to Raab, Britain has released the first 30 million (34 million euros) humanitarian aid package for Afghanistan’s neighbors. These countries will probably have to bear the greatest burden in the event of any major exodus. According to Raab, the budget for humanitarian aid to Afghanistan has increased to £ 286 million (€ 330 million), although future financial aid will be provided to the country through NGOs.


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