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“I’m not an antivax, I don’t want to get this vaccine”: Akhenaton comes out of silence after his hospitalization – LCI


FOCUS – Positive for Covid-19, rapper Akhenaton was hospitalized this summer. Invited this Thursday in “Télé-Matin” on France 2, the leader of the IAM group, however, reiterated his opposition to the vaccine and the health pass, a measure which he said is not scientific “but political”.

Akhenahon is fine. But he is still allergic to the vaccine. Positive for Covid-19 in early August, the leader of the Marseille group IAM was forced to cancel several concerts, before being hospitalized due to “respiratory discomfort”. Invited this Thursday in Télé-Matin, on France 2, the 52-year-old rapper denied having been admitted to intensive care, a rumor already denied at the time by his entourage.

“I wouldn’t have gone back to concerts if I had gone on a sheave”, he explained while the Marseille formation is preparing to chain the dates. “They re-oxygenated me with a machine called Optiflow. And after that I stayed three days in observation, not in sheave “, repeated the artist, regretting having been at the center of a “media hysteria”.

The National Assembly without pass and concerts with pass. Is it scientific? No, it’s political!– Akhenaton

Antivax or not antivax? “To be antivax, you must already see a vaccine “, argued Akhenaton. “And today European law does not recognize this therapy as being a vaccine but as a gene therapy“, he continued, taking up a theory very widespread among opponents of the vaccine against Covid-19.

I’m not an antivax, I don’t want to get this vaccine. It is very different“, he insisted, explaining further that some members of IAM were vaccinated, and others not.

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A few days before being tested positive, the rapper posted a video on Instagram in which he said he was opposed to compulsory vaccination and the health pass. On this last point, there too, he has not changed his mind. “I took a stand because for me it is not a scientific measure“, he estimated.”The metro does, the train does not. Is it scientific? It’s political! The National Assembly without pass and concerts with pass. Is it scientific? No, it’s political. “

What bothers me, in the country, is that all our greatest scientists have been denigrated, mocked, by health consultants from television sets who have a Bac + 2“, regretted Akhenaton, very lively.” Au after a while, you have to be serious. Science must come back to science, it cannot belong to commerce. ”

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