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The direction is to appeal to Mikulca. Again. The coalition talks about farce and theater –


The opposition party Smer again requested that an extraordinary session of parliament be convened with a proposal to remove Roman Mikicoc (OĽaNO) from the position of Minister of the Interior.


03.09.2021 12:12, updated: 14:55

The chairman of the Direction, Robert Fico, informed about it. The meeting must take place within seven days. “Members of the governing coalition can be angry as much as they want, they have to go to the robots,” said the chairman of Smer.

In addition to the deputies of Smer, non-attached deputies from the Hlas party, a group around deputy Tomáš Taraba and former member of the club Ordinary People and Independent Personalities (OĽaNO) Martin Čepček also signed the proposal to dismiss Mikulec.

VIDEO: Press conference of the party Direction on the topic: The opposition cannot wait until the chairman of the National Council of the Slovak Republic decides to convene a meeting to dismiss R. Mikulec.

Mikulec stated that Fico can submit proposals for his dismissal peacefully even every day. According to him, Fico is trying to make himself visible through a campaign against him. The coalition parties SaS and For the People speak of a “farce” and a “theatrical performance” in connection with the announced motion of no confidence. They point out that the item is on the agenda for the September part-session.

A tool to make yourself visible

“It seems that the annoying media campaign against the person of the Minister of the Interior has been practically the only tool for him (Fica) to make himself visible in recent weeks. Despite these political games, I will focus on improving the results of the ministry both externally and internally. Even after a year and a half, we are still correcting what they did, “said Mikulec.

SaS stated on the sidelines of the appeal that it “will not participate in this farce”. “Roman Mikulec’s dismissal is scheduled for a regular September meeting, so we see no reason to make parliament a theater, just because Robert Fico has no other agenda and instead of passing laws to help Slovak citizens, he only deals with the dismissal of the Minister of the Interior.” stated party spokesman Ondrej Šprlák.

They should apologize

According to the For the People party, the representatives of the Smer party managed to divide and polarize society even more in the last month. “Their only agenda is to submit a proposal for the dismissal of Minister Mikulec every week, and they are well aware that this item on the agenda of the National Council of the Slovak Republic is scheduled for a regular meeting in a few days. Instead of apologizing to the people for where they have taken our country in 12 years of flogging, they are still trying to do only theatrical performances, “said the party’s press department. They added that they did not have time to deal with their “petty games and desire for attention”, as they had to deal with problems and mistakes they had made over the years of the government.

Direction initiated a meeting to dismiss Mikulec also in July. Due to the intolerance of the parliament, it was moved to the regular September part-session, which begins on 16 September. At the end of August, Smer submitted a new proposal, but the meeting also did not begin due to the obstruction of government deputies. There were not enough deputies in the hall and Mikulca’s dismissal was again moved to a regular meeting in mid-September.

In justifying the motion to dismiss the Minister of the Interior, Fico returned to the decision of the General Prosecutor’s Office to lift the accusation of the former director of the Slovak Information Service (SIS), Vladimír Pčolinský. According to the head of Smer, in the spring of this year the decision was made to “get rid of Pčolinský”, because he talked about the manipulation of criminal proceedings and “broke the whole system for the liquidation of the opposition”. Fico called the General Prosecutor’s Office’s decision to acquit Pčolinský’s accusations an even more groundbreaking decision than the SIS report, which was supposed to talk about the manipulation of criminal proceedings.

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According to the head of Smer, the accusation of Pčolinský was made on political orders. He asked who would be responsible for allowing such “political monstrosity”. According to Fico, the first should be Minister Mikulec and the second special prosecutor Daniel Lipšic. According to him, the direction will study all possibilities such as Lipšica “expel” from a special prosecutor’s office. Addressing Lipšic, Fico said that he was “a political crook and a politician who hates the opposition and serves Matovic.”

Fico said he saw the disruption of democracy and the rule of law live. He was shocked by the space given by the media to autocratic statements against the Prosecutor General’s Office and the opposition. He described as extremely dangerous statements such as the fact that the General Prosecutor’s Office thwarted a fair trial with Pčolinský. The direction’s leader also expressed concern about the revenge he wanted. “We are going to the worst period in the history of Slovak history, this has never been here,” Fico remarked.

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