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What will happen after the queen’s death. The British have a detailed plan –


The ceremonies will last ten days.

LONDON. A plan for what it will look like in Britain after the Queen’s death Elizabeth II, went public. In recent years, some parts of it have appeared in the media. The leaked document brings details and new measures that they had to add to the plan due to the pandemic.

The operation bears the code name London Bridge. The ten-day ceremonies end with a funeral.


The British government has drawn up a detailed plan which envisages the involvement of almost all branches of government. A large-scale operation is to help quickly deal with the aftermath of the Queen’s death and prevent chaos in the country.

The plan overlaps with Operation Spring Tide, which secures the coronation of Prince Charles. The documents were published by the American server Politico.

Day D will mark the day of the Queen’s death. The Prime Minister, the Secretary of the Cabinet and the Ministers will be gradually informed about it. The public will then be informed of the death of Elizabeth II. official notice in the courtyard Buckingham Palace and on the official government website. These will be adapted to a mourning black motif and will contain a notice of the death of the queen.

This will be followed by a statement by the prime minister and then government officials. The plan also sets out the wording that politicians can use in their statements about the event, which reads: “We have just been informed of the death of Her Majesty the Queen.”

The operation also counts on maintaining discretion on social media. Non-urgent content will not be published in official accounts and tweets will be banned unless authorized by the head of the government’s communications department.

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Hours and days after the Queen’s death

The flags on Downing Street, home of the British Prime Minister, are to be within ten minutes of the announcement of Elizabeth II’s death. running halfway. Parliament will suspend and the royal family will announce more detailed information about the funeral. It will be on the tenth day and at the same time will become a day of state mourning.

The day after the queen’s death, at ten o’clock in the morning, the so-called successor board. Charles will be officially declared the new monarch, with whom the prime minister and the government will meet that day.

The Ministry of Defense must ensure that volleys of weapons are fired at the appropriate military posts. Employers may give employees time off if the event falls on weekdays.

On the third day, they will exhibit the Queen’s remains in Buckingham Palace. The new ruler will begin his journey through the United Kingdom on the fourth day.

The procession with the Queen’s coffin from Buckingham to Westminster Palace will take place on the sixth day, where the chest will be stored for three days. VIPs will have tickets with a specific time and do not have to stand in line for farewell. The queen is buried in the chapel of King George VI.

The operation documents also deal with tourists, the threat of terrorism, as well as transport in the capital during the ceremony after the Queen’s death.


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