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Charlene of Monaco will be back soon: what she would be ready to do to find her husband and children


Since last May, Charlene of Monaco has been stranded in South Africa because of an ENT problem. And while she was recently operated, she now thinks only of her return to the Rock, for which she is ready for anything.

She is now more impatient than ever to return home. Last May, Charlene of Monaco went to South Africa to work with her foundation which works for her native country. Problem, when leaving, the princess developed a sinus problem which has since prevented her from traveling at high altitude and therefore from taking the plane to Monaco. Operated under general anesthesia, her state of health now seems to be improving, she who longs to be able to find her family and is now waiting for only one thing: to be able to return to the Rock. And for that, she is ready for almost anything.

“She joked that she was prepared to travel illegally on a ship back to Europe, thus confided with humor prince albert To People to testify to his wife’s impatience to reunite with her family at the princely palace. If his return is estimated at the end of October, Albert of Monacowas optimistic that this date will be brought forward, in view of the good results of his recent operation. “I know she might have said” “late October,” but that was before that last round of dates. I’m pretty sure we can shorten this time a bit, thus specified the husband of Charlene of Monaco.

Will Charlene of Monaco attend the re-entry of her children?

Reassuring news about the princess, who is now awaiting the verdict of her doctors who will have the last word on her return to Monaco more quickly or not. Taking care of his wife, prince albert even took advantage of his visit to South Africa to accompany Charlene of Monaco to a post-operation appointment, where had “a new reassessment of the way things are going”. With encouraging results, the ex-swimmer will therefore be able to find her twins Jacques and Gabriella more quickly, who will return to CP on September 7. An event that their mother will unfortunately miss, she who nevertheless had the good surprise of seeing them for a few days during her convalescence, before they left for the Dordogne with their father for a canoe trip.

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