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Tesco mobile will improve the data offer: 10 GB of data for 9 euros, if you top up your credit – Živé.sk


You always get a big package of data. Recharging the credit is also a condition.

Tesco mobile will significantly improve its data offer from Tuesday and the highest package from the offer will offer more data. From the original from 2.93 GB, the volume will increase to 5 GB without changing the price. If you top up your credit, you will receive double.

“The customer thus has the opportunity to data for 9 euros per month with a basic volume of 5 GB and at the same time thanks to the popular benefit Double data will automatically inflate up to 10 GB for recharging the credit while using the package,” said Barbora Zajacová, Tesco mobile marketing manager.

The credit can be topped up in any amount – at the store from 5 euros, via Tipos from 6 euros and via an ATM and online from 8 euros. When you have an active package and top up your credit every month, you always get 10 GB of volume. The package is valid for 30 days.

Customers will be able to activate the package via the My Tesco mobile application or an SMS in the form of “INET5000 A” to the number 99222. Existing clients of the highest package will receive a higher volume automatically from 7 September.

The renewed package will offer a base of 5 GB, after recharging the credit you will get another 5 GB of data.

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New SIM card on sale

Tesco mobile will start selling in Tesco stores and in the e-shop a new edition of the “10 GB” card with a credit of 9.39 euros from 16 September. Immediately after the purchase, the client will receive 5 GB of data and after recharging the credit, the volume will double.

The mobile operator Tesco mobile belongs to the Tesco retail chain. It does not operate it independently, but with O2, which has a half share in the branded provider. Customers have access to the O2 2G, 3G and LTE networks.

Comparison with the competition

See how much data you get for about 10 euros from other operators:

  • 4ka (My 4ka): The Sloboda 100+ package for 10 euros offers 11 GB of data throughout the Slovak Republic and 100 units that can be spent on calls or SMS. The services can be used in our own network and also in Orange’s 3G network.
  • Orange (Prima Dáta): You can pay 10 GB for a subscription for 10 euros
  • FunFón (Orange): With Smart packages, you can compose SMS, calls and data. For 8 euros you can combine 4 GB and for a 12-euro fee it is 6 GB of data. Data is being transferred to the next month.
  • O2 (Freedom): You can activate two 2 GB packages. Each of them costs 5 euros and together you can get 4 GB of data for 10 euros. But they are not valid for a whole month, only 28 days.
  • Telecom (Subscription): For 8 euros, the operator sells a 5 GB data package with a monthly validity.
  • Juro (Telekom): The monthly data package is missing from the menu.


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