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Siri: after seeing his doctor, he accuses Apple of sending ads about his treatment


Apple will face a class action lawsuit that accuses Siri of eavesdropping on private conversations. The complainants claim to have received targeted advertisements relating to the content of their private exchanges.

Siri will process the offline voice recognition. // Source: Apple

Who has never wondered if their phone listened with an indiscreet ear to his private conversations ? As reported Reuters, an American federal judge declared this Thursday, September 2 that applewas going to have to face a class action (a collective legal action) because of the indiscretion of his voice assistant, Siri.

Indeed, according to the accounts of several complainants, the system created in 2011 would have recorded private conversations of its users after a “Accidental activation”, and Apple would then have revealed their content to third parties – not to say, to advertisers. At least that’s what the plaintiffs will try to prove, with the help of their lawyers.

Registered medical data?

The apple brand will therefore be prosecuted for non-compliance with the federal law on wiretapping, the California law on the protection of privacy and for breach of contract. However, the complaint for unfair competition was not followed up by the magistrate.

Still according to Judge Jeffrey White, the privacy of a Siri user, for example, was violated after the brand sent him targeted advertisements for a “Surgical treatment of a certain brand”, although he had only spoken to his doctor about this treatment, in a private conversation.

Invasion of privacy

Another example taken from the complaint, two people say they discussed various products and brands (Air Jordan sneakers, Pit Viper glasses and Olive Garden) before receiving targeted advertisements for these products.

“Apple criticizes the complainants for not alleging the content of their communications, but the private setting alone is sufficient to demonstrate a reasonable expectation of privacy”, considered the judge.

Note that it is not because a lawsuit is brought to a mark that this one is automatically judged and guilty. This first judgment simply validates the fact that a trial will take place to determine whether or not Apple is at fault.


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