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“Where is your boyfriend?”: The story of the Raid’s assault on the Abaaoud hideout in Saint-Denis – BFMTV


Monday September 6, BFMTV invites you to discover, at 8:50 p.m., its first documentary series of the season, entitled: The hunt for the century. While the trial of the November 13 attacks opens this Wednesday in Paris, these three exceptional episodes will return to the hunt for the perpetrators of these attacks, and Abdelhamid Abaaoud, their organizer.

It begins with cries in the night, or rather in the early hours of the morning: “Please let me go out!” “While it pulls in all directions, we hear the voice of a woman, who seems very anguished, screaming. She is at the window, asking to go out, to be evacuated”, responds Cécile Ollivier, the boss. of our police / justice service in front of our camera:

“It is Hasna, the cousin of Abdelhamid Abaaoud”.

Dawn rises on November 18, 2018 in Saint-Denis, commune of Stade France, bereaved five days earlier by an Islamist attack. A stone’s throw north of Paris, bloody, terrorized this same November 13 by commandos who blew themselves up on the cafes of the 11th arrondissement and led an endless hostage-taking in the Bataclan room. And we are at the heart of The Hunt of the Century, our exceptional documentary series – all three episodes of which were produced by the show team Red line – broadcast this Monday September 6 at 8:50 p.m., and that we invite you to discover from Saturday September 4 on the video on demand platform RMC BFM Play, a few days before the opening, Wednesday, of the trial of these attacks.

Linked destinies

Because Hasna is Hasna Aït-Boulahcen. Hasna Aït-Boulahcen, this close to Sonia, who contacted the “Attacks alert” cell after her friend asked her to transport her to a “cousin” in whom she recognized the coordinator of the November 13 attacks and that all that France counts of soldiers, investigators, police officers and agents of all kinds seek for five days: Abdelhamid Abaaoud.

Hasna Aït-Boulahcen, again, who will link her destiny to that of her relative, and of her accomplice Chakib Akrouh, until accompanying them in their last hideout: an apartment on the rue du Corbillon in Saint-Denis, rented by a certain Jawad Bendaoud.

Thanks to the testimony of Sonia – who is also involved in The hunt for the century – and at the work of the investigators, the elite police officers ended up “housing” the terrorists. And the siege of the building begins at the stroke of 4 am, led by the Raid, assisted by the BRI. “Let me out please!” resumes Hasna Aït-Boulahcen a little later. In front of her, a sniper who loses nothing of the scene. Guillaume Farde, our consultant for security issues, tells our team:

“He has a telescope that magnifies up to 30 times. He has good vision at that time of what is going on in the apartment.” “He sees her, because she is at window level. But he also sees that there is another man,” adds our expert.

An exchange that ends, the last word in the fight

Jean-Michel Fauvergue is now deputy La République en Marche, elected in Seine-et-Marne. But in November 2015, he is the boss of the Raid. He too remembers for BFMTV:

“I remember the sniper asking him to see his hands.”

“Raise your two hands and you close your mouth! Stay there, you raise your hands!” The young woman can be heard answering after her plea.

It must be said that the circumstances made Hasna Aït-Boulahcen one of the little hands that lent its support to the worst terrorist attack carried out on French territory – we will count 131 dead – and that we can guess, we fear it as much as we hope that this male shadow glimpsed at his side is that of Abdelhamid Abaaoud. A surrealist dialogue is established between the police officers and the young woman:

“Where is your boyfriend?” “- He’s not my boyfriend!”

The exchange turns short: “He does not see her hands and she walks away,” laments Jean-Michel Fauvergue. The last word will come back to combat. And the explosion of a belt bomb that will carry, together, the three occupants of 2, rue du Corbillon.

The three reports of The hunt for the century were produced by journalists and teams of Red line Pauline Revenaz, Alexandre Funel, Etienne Grelet, Anthony Métrot and Isabelle Quintard.

BFMTV offers Internet users the opportunity to discover exclusively the 3 episodes of the documentary series La traque du siècle from Saturday September 4 at 6 a.m. on the platform RMC BFM PLAY. They will also be available there in Replay.

Robin verner BFMTV reporter


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