NewsWorldThe 5 things you should know this September 3:...

The 5 things you should know this September 3: Massive floods kill dozens in the US.


Why the Covid-19 Vaccine for Children Has Taken Longer. Biden launches a federal effort to respond to Texas’ anti-abortion law. After declaring victory, the Taliban grapple with an Afghanistan in chaos. This is what you need to know to start the day. Truth first.


Massive Floods Kill Dozens in the US

Massive flooding from the remnants of Hurricane Ida killed dozens of people in the United States. In New York, the police had to rescue more than 800 people who were stranded in the subway system. To say that the floods were “unprecedented is almost an understatement,” said Governor Kathy Hochul.


Why the vaccine for children has taken longer

As more children return to school without the protection of a Covid-19 vaccine, anxiety among parents increases. Cases among minors have skyrocketed and children’s hospitals in critical areas of the country are filling up. Why does a vaccine for young children take longer? We will tell you.

Increase in covid-19 cases in children warned 0:52


Biden Launches Federal Effort to Respond to Texas Anti-Abortion Law

After the US Supreme Court formally denied a request to freeze a new Texas law that bans abortions after six weeks’ gestation, Joe Biden harshly criticized the regulations, calling it an “unprecedented assault on rights. constitutional laws for women “. Biden said he will launch a “whole-of-government” effort in response.

The poor would be more harmed by restricting abortion 2:07


The Taliban have declared victory. Now they must deal with an Afghanistan sinking into chaos

The Taliban leaders have no experience running a traditional administration, and during their five-year reign two decades ago, they showed little familiarity with geopolitics. Now, his ability to govern has repercussions for 38 million Afghans, many of whom will be displaced or thrown into an economic crisis. Afghanistan faces a number of difficulties, in addition to economic ones.


Guns can now be carried openly in public in Texas without permission or training

The new pro-gun law in Texas allows most Texans who legally possess a firearm to carry it openly in public without obtaining a permit or training. The move will make it harder for law enforcement to protect people from gun violence, experts say.

Can you carry guns without training or permission in Texas? 0:47

At coffee time

She wanted to travel to Hawaii, but a misspelling landed her in jail

That’s not how Modern is written. Jeanne Moos tells us about the “Maderna” fiasco in an allegedly false vaccination certificate.

The unusual error in a false vaccination certificate 2:24

How to start the Mediterranean diet, meal by meal

Considered one of the healthiest diets in the world, the Mediterranean way of eating reduces the consumption of processed foods and red meat. We explain its benefits and give you a couple of dish ideas.

This may be the solution to eat healthier 0:38

This 70-year-old Indian woman has traveled to 66 countries in the last 25 years. And it won’t stop

Sudha Mahalingam landed in the Czech Republic without a valid visa, faced the challenge of finding vegetarian food in China, and was accidentally locked in a monument in Iran. This is his story.

They investigate problems in Richard Branson’s space flight

Virgin Galactic will not be allowed to conduct another space flight until the conclusion of an investigation by the US Federal Aviation Administration.This occurs after Richard Branson’s flight to the edge of space deviated from its course during its descent. .

Virgin Galactic is investigated for diversion during flight 12:45

September premieres on Netflix, Amazon and HBO Max: “La casa de papel”, “Cinderella” and “Malignant”

From the last season of “La casa de papel” to the version of “Cinderella” played by Camila Cabello, these are the series, films and documentaries that are released on the most popular streaming services.

Watch movie and streaming premieres in September 2:35

The number of the day


After scoring his 111th goal for Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo became the all-time top scorer for the men’s teams and now belongs to the world’s top 10 scorers.

Cristiano would have a debut date with Manchester United 0:57

Quote of the day

“This is a family, where divorce within the station is not possible”

Despite threatening to remove Russia from the International Space Station, Dmitry Rogozin, the head of the country’s space agency, promises to remain a NASA partner.

Day selection

Review ‘Psychonauts 2’: a great game about the importance of mental health

After 16 years of its predecessor, comes the sequel to this game that portrays respectfully complexities of mind.

And to finish…

Stunning images of a whale playing with a woman in a kayak

See how a giant southern whale plays with a woman 0:55

A photographer produced impressive images of his interaction with a whale off the coast of Puerto Madryn, Argentina.


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