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Surprise, the new model available in 7-seater version of Dacia is not an SUV. The Jogger, that’s its name, is difficult to classify. It will soon be available with a hybrid engine from Renault’s organ bank.

While we expected that Dacia presents a big brother of the Duster, the low cost brand of Renault announces the Jogger, intended to replace at the same time the Lodgy minivan, the ludospace version of the Dokker and the Logan MCV station wagon. With the Jogger also inspired by SUVs, the result is a mix of bodywork that Dacia does not prefer to categorize. However, we can compare its shape to that of an MPV – although the Jogger does not derive from a utility, unlike other players in the segment – or that of the first generation of Logan MCV.

The Jogger is an accessible family model.

This form, to say the least, owes the Jogger to the use of a maximum of parts common to the new Sandero and Logan (the latter is no longer offered in France), with which it shares its CMF-B platform. Thus, the front panel is borrowed from the Sandero Stepway, as are the front doors. 4.55 m long, the Jogger is however much larger than a Sandero. Its front doors are therefore lower than its rear doors, like a Škoda Roomster. The designers therefore had to work on a slightly tortured B-pillar in order to integrate these pieces of carry-over in the design of the Jogger.

Not very harmonious, the shape of the B-pillar derives from the reuse of the Sandero and Logan doors.

The Jogger, here presented in the Extreme special series, automatically sports artifacts inspired by SUVs, like the Stepway versions to which Dacia has accustomed us. We thus notice the bodywork protections, or even ingenious modular roof bars, practical and whose interest is not only aesthetic. The ground clearance is quite generous with a height of 200 mm.

The rear lights are reminiscent of a certain Volvo XC90.

The Jogger does not yet carry the new Dacia logo, which will appear on the brand’s models in 2022, only a few months after its launch.

Inside, there is a dashboard directly taken from the Sandero and Logan, but whose quality of presentation is clearly improved compared to previous generations.

The presentation is not very original, but it is not what one expects from a Dacia. © Dacia

The interest of this Jogger is anyway in the rear seats. If the Jogger does not offer three individual seats, its rear bench is still quite welcoming. As an option, it will be possible to opt for a third row of seats. The habitability in row 3 is quite generous for a 7-seater model, especially for a vehicle of this size. Sure, tall adults will be cramped, but that’s fine for short trips. The rear quarter windows are partially open. The interior storage reaches a total volume of 24 l, which is not, however, huge for a family vehicle.

Depending on the version, aviation tablets are integrated in row 2. © Dacia

The seats in row 3 fold up independently and can be removed to free up more space. The 2 / 3-1 / 3 rear bench can also be folded into a wallet, but in one piece, and thus facilitate access to row 3.

The boot volume reaches 160 l (VDA) in a 7-seater configuration. This volume increases to 708 l by removing the two rear seats (565 l by folding them down only) and to 1,819 l by folding the bench seat.

The loading volume reaches up to 1,819 l in a 2-seater configuration. © Dacia

In terms of on-board technology, the Jogger uses the same infotainment systems as the Sandero, which we had found to be very successful. Three interfaces are therefore offered: Media Control, Media Display and Media Nav. The latter integrates wireless compatibility with Android Auto and CarPlay.

Depending on the needs, Dacia offers three different systems, with or without a central screen.

Gasoline, LPG and soon hybrid

When it is launched in early 2022, the Jogger will only offer three-cylinder turbo petrol: a 1.0 l TCe with 110 hp as well as a 1.0 l ECO-G with 100 hp dual-fuel LPG, both associated with a gearbox. 6-speed mechanical gear. The LPG tank of the ECO-G version takes the place of the spare wheel.

At the start of 2023, the Jogger will also offer a hybrid version, using the E-TECH 140 engine from the Clio. As with the LPG engine, this version will have no impact on the interior space, since the battery of the hybrid system will be positioned in place of the spare wheel.

Contrary to what its style might lead one to expect, the Jogger does not offer any all-wheel drive, nor any advanced grip management system, like Renault’s Extended Grip, or Grip Control developed by PSA.

Finally, the allocation of driving aids for the jogger is quite limited. Automatic emergency braking is standard and blind spot monitoring is optional, but lane keeping assistance is unavailable.

We do not yet know the exact prices of this Jogger, which should however start at around € 15,000 according to Dacia, while traditional 7-seater MPVs generally start at around € 25,000. It will be produced in Romania. Later, the Bigster concept, heralding an SUV positioned above the Duster, will be entitled to a serial descendant. However, it will want to be more opulent than this Jogger.

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