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Details of the bear attack in Hradiště: The bitten woman ended up in the hospital, the competent do not plan to intervene! – Topky


It was all supposed to happen during Constitution Day in the afternoon. Air rescuers reported on a social network that they were helping a 58-year-old woman who was attacked by a bear. She was taken from the scene to the hospital with several injuries to her neck, shoulder and thigh. Primary treatment was provided by emergency paramedics. After landing near the accident site, the crew of air rescuers took the patient into their care and, after completing treatment and stabilizing vital functions, was transported to a helicopter in cooperation with other rescuers, transferred to board and transported by air to the FD Roosevelt University Hospital in Banská Bystrica., ” said air rescuers.

Source: Facebook / Air – Transport Europe, air rescue service

According to the portal č is the pedagogue Erika, who and her husband collected blackberries in the forest and a passionate mushroom picker. They went to a remote orchard above the village of Hradište. The mayor of the village, Nataša Iskrová, told the portal that she had heard rescuers and firefighters honk. During the attack, the pedagogue had to lie on her stomach and cover her head with her hands.

Neighbors told me that someone had been attacked by a bear in an orchard near a hunting lodge. I only know indirectly that Ján was about 50 meters from his wife. She went higher to the bushes with blackberries and there she probably noticed a bear with cubs. She injured her back, neck, left shoulder, hip and left thigh at the back. Fortunately, the rescuers stabilized her,she said. Erik’s husband was only to hear a huge scream, and as he ran to help her, he alerted rescuers.

Strawberries and blueberries are


Complications at school

According to a spokeswoman for the Banská Bystrica hospital, where the injured Erika was taken, the patient was admitted to the emergency department and underwent surgery. Her condition is stabilized.

However, the case complicated the beginning of the school year at the secondary vocational school of pedagogy in Lučenec, where Erika taught and was to welcome freshmen who are class teachers. “I found out on Wednesday what happened to her. Nobody wanted to believe it. There is a tiny percentage that a bear attacks a human. Therefore, minor complications have occurred, but health is paramount and it is important that nothing worse has happened to her. The whole teaching staff wishes her a speedy recovery and we look forward to seeing her again. “ school principal Ondrej Nociar responded to the attack.

The school where Mrs. Erika teaches.
Details of a bear attack in

Source: FB / SOŠ pedagogická Lučenec

ŠOP: We don’t plan to change anything!

The state nature protection also reacted to the whole case. They confirmed that the attack took place in the orchard, while the part where the attack took place was overgrown. The bear has been present in this area for a long time, but it was not a synatropic individual. The intervention team from this area does not register any reports for the occurrence of problematic individuals. In the coming days, the members of the team will hear the wounded and witness the event, on the basis of which the reconstruction of this attack will be carried out. “ stated about the State Nature Protection.

As they added, despite the attacks that took place, it is not possible to say that bears in Slovakia were overpopulated. This would only happen if the beast population exceeded the available resources and space. In other words, they would be overpopulated if they could not provide enough food for themselves. In addition, other food sources are “available” to them, such as baits, cornfields, but also the containers they like to climb into.

Details of a bear attack in


“We are very sensitive to any bear’s attack on humans, but such encounters are not unique and their numbers fluctuate irregularly. According to available statistics, it is clear that similar clashes have taken place in the past, despite the fact that exceptions were issued for the shooting of the brown bear until 2018. ” they stated that nature protection did not work, as it did not solve the elimination of problem individuals.

From the attached data provided by ŠOP for, it is clear that this year the bears have attacked humans the most since 2014. So far, 7 attacks have been registered. In 2018, the last major shooting of a bear took place, namely 17 individuals. At that time, two cases of bear attacks were registered in Slovakia. In 2019 there were two shots and 3 attacks, in 2020 six attacks and this year seven. So far, the most attacks were recorded in 2014 – eight. In the same year, 20 shots of this forest beast took place.

Details of a bear attack in

Source: ŠOP SR

“ŠOP SR does not plan to change the strategy in regulating the number of brown bear individuals. The solution is in the active selection of problem individuals in combination with other measures in the localities in question. The leadership of the State Nature Protection of the Slovak Republic expresses regret over the situation and believes in the early recovery of the victim. We are currently doing everything we can to ensure that similar incidents do not happen again. The situation in the area will be intensively monitored both by the guardians of the Cerová vrchovina Protected Landscape Area Administration and by members of the Intervention Team, “ said at the end the general director of ŠOP Dušan Karaska.

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