Bill and Melinda Gates, it’s divorce: the end of their marriage has been announced

NEW YORK – Divorce in the Gates home. Bill and Melinda break up after 27 years together, three children and a philanthropic foundation committed to improving health care around the world that has given a decisive boost to coronavirus vaccines as well. THE PHILANTHROPE SPOUSES Bill & Melinda Gates
"We are a couple like the Curies:
we dream of making the world better"


09 October 2013 The co-founder of Microsoft – second richest man in the world with a wealth of 108 billion dollars of which 27 donated to charity, after the owner of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, also a veteran, two years ago from an equally famous divorce – announced the end of the marriage yesterday, when in America it was already late afternoon with a message posted on Twitter: “After much thought and much work on our relationship, we have decided to end our marriage. In the last 27 years we have raised three amazing children and built a foundation that works everywhere to enable everyone to lead healthier and more productive lives. We have continued to believe strongly in that mission and will continue to work together with the foundation. But we have realized that we can no longer believe in we as a couple, of not being able to grow any further in this phase of life. We ask for space and privacy for our family while because for now we will sail on sight in this new life “. Bill & Melinda Gates: farms, tropical islands, Leonardo and Ferrari codes, a treasure to be shared by Ettore Livini 04 May 2021

Same request made on Instagram by her eldest daughter, 25-year-old Jennifer: “It was a difficult time for our whole family. Thank you for understanding my desire for privacy as we approach a new phase in our life.”

[[ge:rep-locali:repubblica:150730632]]Bill, 65, has certainly already faced seemingly insurmountable problems in his long career: from the epic rivalry with Steve Jobs’ Apple when he was CEO of Microsoft, a position he left in 2000 precisely to better dedicate himself to philanthropy, to the attempt to eradicate polio and now Covid 19 with its foundation. Already very busy in the fight against the global pandemic, he recently added yet another catastrophe to the list of problems to be solved: the climate threat, addressed in the book: “Climate, how to avoid a disaster. Today’s solutions. Tomorrow’s challenges. “. Gates and Bono in Repubblica: “We dream of a world ‘in the name of love’, in the name of love” Mario Calabresi 22 February 2017

The disaster of the end of his marriage, however, has not been able to avoid it. And to think that only in 2019, in another book by the prolific couple, “Taking Flight”, did Melinda recall how “even in our privileged marriage full of helpers, my husband and I had to learn to be equal. And a decisive step. was the decision that Bill would accompany our daughter Jenn to school, 40 minutes from home, a task that I had previously done. After a few weeks, other fathers did the same: “They understood that if Bill Gates can accompany his daughter to school , they could too. “MacKenzie Scott, Bezos’ former billionaire wife, marries a teacher March 8, 2021

What determined the decision, no one knows for now: if, as in the case of Bezos, in short, there is another partner, we will find out later. According to gossip site Tmz, which cites legal documents, 56-year-old Melinda would have filed for divorce evoking ‘irrevocably compromised marriage,’ but there is no pre-marital contract between them. According to Tmz Melinda would not make any financial claims against her spouse and the divorce will be settled without a cause. Certainly, however, a lot of work will have to be done on the division of assets. The two are co-chairs and co-directors of their nonprofit Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which has 51 billion assets to its credit. As always when the Scrooge’s break up, accountants and lawyers will have a lot of work to do. Bill Gates: “The fight against climate change is more difficult than that of the pandemic” from our correspondent Anna Lombardi February 16, 2021