NewsWorldThe last American soldiers flew from Afghanistan -

The last American soldiers flew from Afghanistan –


The last American soldiers flew out of Kabul.

30. Aug 2021 at 22:53 (updated 30. Aug 2021 at 23:32) ČTK, TASR

CABLE. The last American soldiers flew from Afghanistan on Monday night. This was confirmed to Reuters by General Frank McKenzie, who commands US forces in the Middle East, the Persian Gulf and North Africa (CENTCOM).

The last evacuation flight from Kabul also included General Chris Donahue, the commander of the US military ground forces in Afghanistan, and Ross Wilson, the highest-ranking American diplomat in Kabul.

Not everyone got to the planes

The United States has previously announced that they will leave Afghanistan, where their troops and allies have been active for two decades, until August 31.

McKenzie added that since the Taliban took control of the country after an unexpectedly rapid offensive, Americans and allies have evacuated more than 123,000 civilians.

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The Pentagon said some Americans who wanted to leave Afghanistan could not get to Kabul airport and board US evacuation flights before the US forces withdrew completely.

McKenzie also confirmed in media reports that the Taliban movement had given great support to US forces in securing Kabul Airport. Although things did not work perfectly for him, the help of the movement was crucial, especially in the last days of the expulsion of the USA, writes the BBC.

A Taliban patrol in front of the airport confirmed that the last five US planes departed shortly after midnight from Monday to Tuesday local time (after 21:30 CET). A celebratory shooting was then heard in Kabul, the AP agency wrote.

The Taliban are celebrating

“We have made history,” Anas Hakkani, a high-ranking Taliban member, said on Twitter after the Americans left Afghanistan.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) informed the pilots that the US military no longer controls air traffic at Kabul airport and the airport no longer provides any services.

Landing aircraft and those in the Afghan airspace were called to “extreme caution,” and American companies were banned from using most of the airspace over Afghanistan.

Biden will make another speech

American president Joe Biden announced that he would make a speech on Tuesday. “Tomorrow afternoon, I will address the American people in connection with my decision not to extend our presence in Afghanistan beyond August 31,” Biden said in a statement shortly after the Pentagon announced that the last US military plane had left the Afghan capital Kabul.

In a statement, Biden praised the evacuation of the last American soldiers, diplomats and almost all Americans, as well as tens of thousands of Afghan allies who cooperated or fought alongside international forces.

With the departure of the last American troops, the twenty-year operation of the USA and allies in this Asian country ended. It began with the rapid overthrow of the Taliban government shortly after the terrorist attacks on the United States September 11 2001.

The organizer of the attacks, Osama bin Laden, was a guest of the Islamic movement, but the Americans did not finally liquidate it until May 2011 in neighboring Pakistan.



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