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iPhone: Apple does not like the notch of its smartphone either – Frandroid


Since the iPhone X, Apple smartphones have a very visible notch at the top of the screen. This distinctive design element, Apple would like to erase it.

WhatsApp on an iPhone // Source: Jeremy Zero

The notch has become an element allowing to recognize an iPhone at a glance. It must be said that Android smartphones have long since passed to the simple “bubble”, or even to be done. disappear the camera under the screen. On iPhone, it is impossible. Apple has chosen to offer facial recognition of the user with Face ID which requires many components on the front such as a projector and several sensors.

The firm will necessarily make efforts to miniaturize, but as it stands, it is impossible to remove the notch from an iPhone. However, Apple would like us to forget its notch.

The notch disappears from the Ted Lasso series

Several Internet users have noticed that the notch of the iPhone had thus disappeared from the Ted Lasso series. It is no coincidence, this series is broadcast exclusively on the house service Apple TV +.

Anyone else notice the notchless iPhone in the latest @TedLasso episode? # iphone12 # iphone12s # iphone13 @jon_prosser @frontpagetech @TailosiveTech @LukeMiani @reneritchie ? Why, @Apple?

– Paul Bailey ?, ?️ + (@paulofthebailey) August 28, 2021

Don’t think of a leak of a super secret prototype, it is much more likely an artistic choice to erase that unattractive notch on the screen.

Official photos that make up the notch

This is not the first time that we notice that Apple does not like the notch of its smartphone. On the official images of the products, Apple often arranges with the wallpaper to try to make up the notch as much as possible. It was particularly glaring with the iPhone XS whose dark wallpaper completely masked the notch of the visuals. This is also the case on the images of iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro.

If several Android manufacturers had copied the style of the notch at first, they quickly broke away from it. Today, the notch has become a feature of the iPhone design. One could think that Apple would use this trait to make it a distinctive point of the iPhone in the street, like the iconic white headphones of the brand. But even the company doesn’t seem to really like the notch of its products. It is a real design constraint.



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