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Charming Daniela Peštová with her son Yannický: Today he is a clever young man, successful in the world –


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The gala evening Schwarzkopf Elite Model Look 2021 at Prague Castle hosted well-known personalities from the field of fashion and social life. Daniela Peštová, whose son Yannick kept company, was also present.

One of the most prestigious events on Czechoslovak soil, the final of the modeling competition Schwarzkopf Elite Model Look 2021 many celebrities did not miss it. After last year’s break due to a pandemic, the guests present enjoyed the social event and the fact that they were once again able to meet many acquaintances from the industry.

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One & Only Daniela Peštová

The icon of supermodels of the 90s, which is still one of the most sought-after top models, Daniela Peštová came, beat up and we remembered her feminine charm, which is unmissable.

In a black robe with lace, she looked elegant with a certain amount of charm. Daniela Peštová there is only one.
Daniela unites generations and just as she was a role model for young women her age, she is still a role model not only for beginning models. It is also proof that if you do modeling professionally, you can do it for several decades. Despite Daniel’s competition, he has a firm and stable place in the modeling ladder and has his charm and charm in current campaigns.

She was kept company by her adult son Yannick

Yannick did not appear in the company with Daniela for the first time, even at the Schwarzkopf Elite Model Look he had been with her in the past. This time, however, it was done by a young adult man.

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Yannick has his own stylewhich reflects a kind of his handwriting. Abroad, he works in the creative industry as a stylist and creative artist, who participates in the production of photographs and advertisements for world-famous fashion brands. It is therefore not surprising that among his acquaintances are also the most famous influencers and models from all over the world. However, Yannick is generally interesting and shapely. He could easily make a living as a model.



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