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Electrolux Perfect Care 600 EW6S3624BX review: a shallow washing machine


The shallow depth of the EW6S3624BX is not its only originality. As the photos show, he wears a matte charcoal dress for the best effect. Of course, color tends to become more democratic in our laundry rooms, but the laundry care appliances are still overwhelmingly white and this aesthetic “fantasy” is to say the least successful. Without going so far as to expose it in a living room, it can be installed within sight, in a small apartment with an open kitchen, for example, without fear that it will spoil the room with an aspect that is too “household”. As is often the case with Electrolux, the materials appear to be of high quality.

Electrolux is the new black.

The wheel (plastic, too bad), for example, is very pleasant to handle and it seems very integral with the whole; it shouldn’t accidentally get stuck in your fingers, even after a lot of handling.

The PerfectCare 600 dial.

The rest of the control panel consists of sensitive keys, very responsive, even with wet fingers. Finally, all the necessary information is indicated by means of electronic segment displays (for numerical data, such as water temperature or spin speed) and icons.

You can read all the information at a glance.

Getting started does not pose any particular problem and you obviously start programming with the selection of the basic cycle. If the essentials (cotton, synthetic, delicate …) are in the game, we appreciate that Electrolux offers a little more specialized programs such as Denim, Outdoor, Allergy … Of course, there is a good chance that they are seldom used, but abundance of goods does no harm.

The rest of the parameterization of a cycle continues using the sensitive keys. Once again, everything is very clear, the name of the different options to activate or adjust being written in full on the buttons. Diodes indicate which ones are switched on. In short, it’s hard to be simpler, even if a quick read of the EW6S3624BX paper manual can be useful to know, for example, that the “softness plus” function hides a better distribution of the fabric softener. We also wonder why this option is not activated all the time.

An easy-to-learn control panel.

The Time Manager system is a little easier to learn than usual thanks to five diodes: thanks to them, the user knows at any time whether he can further lengthen or shorten the cycle. Of course, this is not revolutionary and we would have preferred an estimate, even summary, of the quantities of water and electricity used. At least this indication has the merit of existing.

The drum is narrower than on a standard window washing machine.

Electrolux recommends a laundry load of 6 kg. Good point, this seems to be in line with the volume of the drum which does not exceed 43 liters, but which we fill without forcing too much to 80% of the maximum capacity. On the other hand, you have to force a little to put in the last pieces when you want to wash 6 kg of textile.

The detergent drawer does not benefit from any automatic dosing system.

Due to the limited depth, the detergent drawer does not open as wide as with a standard model. However, we manage to fill it without spilling detergent all over the place. It is easily removed from its housing to clean it before putting it back in place without further difficulty.

The Electrolux PerfectCareEW6S3624BX fulfills its mission without particular brilliance.

There is nothing he can do about the lipstick mark, but this is not the only washing machine in this case. More annoying, its performance against the blood stain is much lower than that of the majority of the other devices in our comparison. Carbon black (powdered, or mixed with water) presents him with difficulties, and the drop of coffee still stands out well after passing through the machine. Fortunately, it removes other stains well, including traces of wine.

As always, the 60 ° C cycle is the most effective because of the water temperature. Programs at 30 ° C need time to remove stains properly. The longest cycle at this temperature (normal cotton loaded at 80% of maximum capacity) is therefore also the most efficient. At the back of the pack, we find the normal cotton program (3 kg of laundry) followed by its rapid version which ends after 48 minutes.

Finally, the express cycle lasting 14 minutes is only used to refresh the laundry. It does not remove any stain.

Water and electricity consumption

Is it because of its low capacity? Still, the PerfectCare 600 EW6S3624BX manages to control its water and energy needs.

For example, he only needs 7.8 liters of water per kilogram of laundry to complete the rapid cotton cycle loaded with 3 kg of clothes. For information, this is half the average for the other washing machines in our comparison (15.5 l / kg of laundry). Even in its classic version, the PerfectCare 600 cotton program remains low in aquavore, and it only requires 12.9 l / kg of laundry at half load, compared to 14.8 l / kg of laundry on average. The same can be said when the drum is full. We measured a water consumption of 8.1 l / kg of laundry (10.4 l / kg of laundry for the same cycle, on average). Even the home program at 60 ° C shows very reasonable water requirements (18.6 l / kg of laundry, against 23.6 l / kg of laundry on average).

The comparisons are less impressive when it comes to power requirements, but they still favor the PerfectCare 600 EW6S3624BX. However, we notice an overconsumption of the eco program, since it can reach a water temperature of 60 ° C. The normal cotton cycle loaded with 3 kg of laundry is a little more greedy than the average (0.52 kWh against 0.40 kWh). But these two examples excepted, the PerfectCare 600 displays lower than average power consumption, as shown in the graphs below, even the cotton program at 60 ° C, traditionally an energy sink.



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