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End of the obligation to telework: “We hope to keep at least a day, or even two”, worries a sal – franceinfo


As of Wednesday, companies will once again have full latitude to define the rules for teleworking. An easing that worries employees, they fear a return to 100% face-to-face.

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A new health protocol for remote work comes into effect on Wednesday, September 1. The state will no longer impose “minimum number of days” telecommuting.

In concrete terms, if this has not already been done, private companies will be able to set their own rules, in consultation with staff representatives. An agreement has already been found in Guillaume’s company. This bank employee will work two days a week at home but he remains puzzled. “With the evolution of the health situation, it can be understood”, he admits.

“The danger is that some companies that have trouble getting used to new ways of working push for a full face-to-face return, that’s not the point of the story.”

Guillaume, an employee

to franceinfo

This is also what worries Pauline, employee in communication. Currently, she is telecommuting three days a week. She does not yet know what will happen with this relaxation. “It is not so much in the culture of my company. Before the crisis, there were very few. Today we are afraid of not having any telecommuting days in the week, we hope to keep at least some. one, even two. That would be ideal. “

Laurence Breton-Kueny, vice-president of the National Association of HRDs (ANDRH) reassures. “It is very good to leave the responsibility to the companies within the framework of a social dialogue but this does not mean that we will return to face-to-face tomorrow”.

According to a survey commissioned in June by the ANDHR, 23% of its 5,000 members were considering a total return to teleworking.



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