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VIDEO: OĽaNO defends Roman Mikulec, talks about the opposition circus. (Aug 30, 2021)

The pressure on Mikulca escalated after the accusation of Police President Petr Kovařík of obstructing justice. Although Mikulec claims that he still trusts him, he did not rule out that Kovařík would resign himself or temporarily put him out of service. They were supposed to meet on Monday and, as he announced, he will announce his decision shortly.

“An extraordinary meeting has been convened on my appeal. I came and I was ready to face either the questions or the decision of the National Council, “the minister said, adding that he saw no reason for his dismissal. “I don’t feel like leaving, because I have in my hands the ministry that I inherited after 12 years of looting and plundering my predecessors,” stressed Mikulec, who had already tried the appeal in June. At that time, only 53 of the 135 deputies present voted in favor of the draft Directive. An absolute majority of all members of the National Council is required to dismiss the Minister.

VIDEO: Fico: If there was no double justice in Slovakia, Mikulec would already be in custody. (Aug 30, 2021)

Despite the fact that Mikulec came to the meeting and his colleagues from OĽaNO also came, they were no longer ready to face the questions. None of them registered as present at the introductory presentation. The deputies of the SaS and Za lidí parties also did not present themselves. Parliament thus became incapable of passing such an obstruction, and an extraordinary sitting could not be opened.

The OĽaNO club argued with Smer chairman Robert Fico. “We have once again witnessed another embarrassing theater, MP Robert Fico, who is doing his best to attract media attention. All judicial people can read that we will discuss Mikulec’s dismissal at a regular meeting in September, “explained the chairman of the OĽaNO parliamentary club, Michal Šipoš. The leaders of the four governing parties were also to discuss the extraordinary meeting, as well as other current political issues, at Monday’s coalition council.

However, their reasons for blocking the opening of the meeting were not convincing. “I understand parliamentary obstruction if it belongs to political tactics. We also used it, but I do not remember when the motion to express a vote of no confidence in the key Minister of the Interior was obstructed in this way, “Peter Pellegrini, leader of the Hlas party and non-attached Member, responded to the non-opening of the meeting. He also called on the coalition parties to “stop serving” OĽaNO and to allow negotiations on the proposal to dismiss the minister.

VIDEO: Pellegrini: Mikulec and Kovařík are no longer supposed to be in their chairs. (Aug 30, 2021)

They do the same as before Direction

According to Šipoš, the chairman of the Direction, Robert Fico, is motivated by fear for such behavior. He claims that traces of the investigation of the biggest cases are getting closer and closer to Fico, and he therefore convenes parliamentary sessions, goes to court hearings to “give a clear message to his friends who have started to testify – shut up.”

From the coalition parties, only deputies of the We are a Family movement, who have long-standing reservations about Mikulcov, presented themselves. They, too, talk about unnecessary obstruction. “I don’t think it’s okay to block the opening of the meeting in this way, because we criticized it in the opposition last time when the then governing coalition did it, and unfortunately the same thing is being done now,” said Peter Pčolinský, chairman of the We Are Family parliamentary group. .

Opposition parties Smer and Hlas blame the minister for several things, from the situation in the department and the police to suspicions of corruption. They claim that he is also personally responsible for the politically motivated manipulation of criminal prosecutions against the nominees of the former government. “He is the one who controls and manages the group of police officers that the SIS report says criminal proceedings are being manipulated,” Smer President Robert Fico told Mikulca.

They also accuse him of interrupting the intervention of a police inspection against three former penitents accused of perjury – such members Matej Zeman, Csaba Dömötör and left-wing businessman Petr Petrov. On June 20, a police inspection took action to detain them. Due to doubts about the legitimacy of the intervention, Police President Peter Kovařík should have interrupted it for 40 minutes.

The police inspection thus managed to detain only Dömötöra, who had already been sentenced to a 32-month suspended sentence for his perjury. The other two fled. Petrov was detained on 13 August and Zeman is said to be in Croatia.

In connection with the failure of the intervention, Kovařík was charged on August 26 with the crime of abuse of power by a public official in connection with the crime of obstructing justice. He was also heard that day and at the same time lodged a complaint against the accusation, as he denied the accusations.

On Saturday, the resolution on the indictment escaped to the public, which Kovařík called an attempt to discredit him. He therefore called on the prosecutor’s office to prosecute the misuse of personal data and the abuse of power by a public official.

The Minister considers the escape of the resolution on Kovařík’s accusation to be “not entirely fair”, but rather purposeful. According to him, this can be considered a failure of the prosecutor’s office. “We will wait for the next steps of the General Prosecutor’s Office,” he said. He claims that Kovařík, despite the accusations, still has his trust and believes that he did not abuse the authority of a public official or frustrate justice. “The police action was not interrupted or stopped, only the activity of the intervention unit was interrupted, which was deployed in violation of the internal regulations of the Police Force,” Mikulec remarked.

Out of service?

Minister Mikulec said that he would meet with the police president on Monday and they would talk about the next steps. He will announce his decision shortly, he advised. According to him, one of the solutions is the position of Kovařík out of service, but the conditions for this must be met. According to Mikulc, it is possible that Kovařík will resign himself, but he did not want to speculate about it.

“We will talk about it and I will decide, given that the position outside the active service of a member of the Police Force also has certain rules by law. If the conditions are met for him to be built out of active service, of course, this is also one of the solutions, “he said at a press conference in the National Council. Coalition MP Pčolinský also publicly calls on Kovařík to temporarily suspend his position.

Kovařík should come to the whole situation around the suspended intervention to explain to the parliament. This could happen next week. “Mr Kovařík has the right to defend himself and a committee will be convened to explain these things to us and we will see accordingly. I would like to have that committee as soon as possible. It will probably take place on Tuesday, September 7, “said the chairman of the Defense Security Committee, Juraj Krúpa (OĽaNO).

Kovařík’s accusation is also affected by ongoing disputes between the National Criminal Agency and the Police Inspectorate, as well as between the Bratislava Regional Prosecutor’s Office and the Special Prosecutor’s Office. These were to be explained by Prosecutor General Maroš Žilinka directly to the head of state on Monday.

However, he did not reveal much about the meeting with President Zuzana Čaputová. “We had a very open and very serious conversation,” said Žilinka, adding Albert Einstein’s quote on a public profile: “What’s right is not always popular. And what’s popular isn’t always right. “

Only the President’s Office commented on the content of the meeting. “The President invited Prosecutor General Maroš Žilinka to a working meeting last week in connection with the visibly tense relations between the General and the Special Prosecutor,” said President Spokesman Martin Strižinec.

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On August 13, Attorney General Žilinka filed a disciplinary motion against Special Prosecutor Daniel Lipšic. He was to commit a disciplinary offense by, without knowing the file, arguing publicly, speculatively and in a misleading manner against the investigators of a specialized team of the Office of the Inspection Service in a legally unfinished criminal case that did not fall within the competence of the Special Prosecutor’s Office. “The President stated that the head of the General Prosecutor’s Office is primarily responsible for the overall image and trust in this institution,” Strižinec added.



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