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Photo taken on August 18, 2021 in front of the Kabul airport in Afghanistan where the Taliban are patrolling in 2021. (AP Photo / Wali Sabawoon)

AFGHANISTAN – The United States achieved this Sunday, August 29 in Kabul a “defensive” drone strike against a vehicle loaded with explosives, in order to “suppress an imminent threat” of Daesh in Khorasan against the airport, the Pentagon said.

The ISKP group, the Afghan branch of Daesh had claimed responsibility for the deadly attack near the airport on August 26 which killed at least 180 people according to the latest American report. The United States had carried out a first retaliatory strike on the night of Friday to Saturday, shooting down two “important targets” of the ISKP. On Saturday, the Pentagon spokesman said the strike “would not be the last”.

“We are sure to have reached the target,” said this Sunday Bill Urban, a spokesman for the central command after the new American strike. “We are checking for the possibility of civilian casualties,” he said. “Secondary explosions from the vehicle showed the presence of a significant amount of explosive material,” he added.

An attack still “very likely”, according to Washington

Before these details were made, an explosion had been heard in Kabul, without the link being made immediately with the American strike. An official of the former government overthrown two weeks ago by the Taliban had indicated that it had been caused by a rocket which “according to the first reports, hit a house”.

The Americans have not completely ruled out that this strike may have caused civilian casualties, ensuring “to continue to investigate”. The American channel CNN said nine family members, including six children, were killed. THE’AFP was unable to confirm this toll, but local media also reported civilian casualties.

Joe Biden said on Saturday thata terrorist attack was “very likely” within “24 to 36 hours”, after the attack in which 13 American soldiers were killed.

The US President and his wife Jill Biden were on Sunday morning at the Dover military base, east of Washington, with families of those servicemen when news of the latest airstrike fell. They will pay homage to their remains at noon local time.

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