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Nancy. “I will be home less often!” : students in distress before the Ouigo shutdown – Lorraine Actu


The Ouigo trains between Paris and Nancy are finished by 2022. (© Flickr / CC)

SNCF will end its Ouigo TGV service between Paris and Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle), capital of Lorraine students. Its end clap is expected “mid-December 2021”, announced the owner of low-cost high-speed trains on Monday, August 30. Only the TER and TGV lines serving the two cities will be retained.

If several elected officials like Mathieu Klein, mayor of Nancy, or the socialist senator Olivier Jacquin, have already made their voices heard on this subject, those who regularly take the Nancy-Paris route are missing.

For Lorraine News, students of Nancy origin, expatriates in Paris, express their concerns and the consequences of this abolition.

“Paying 80 € just for a weekend is good, stop”

Sophie Butler is used to transits between Nancy and Paris, but not to the organization. ” Thanks to [TGV] Ouigo, I can take my tickets the same week I plan to go home and I get by for only 40 €“, She explains already nostalgic.

But with high-speed trains, it’s impossible to afford last-minute trips without a minimum of anticipation. The intern from the Parisian company Maje knows it well: “Taking TGV tickets the same week as the trip is very expensive. ”

To show it, the young woman of 22 years insists on the fact that “she will not be able to go to a party at the beginning of September”, if she had to take the TGV because of its high prices. ” The only solution in this case is the Ouigo. Paying 80 € for the TGV just for a weekend is good, stop ”, she pleaded.

“I did not find that the trains were empty”

In order to justify its decision, the SNCF notably indicated that the leisure clientele was not there. Only for Laetitia Jabot, the trains ” were never really empty“, She remembers.

Now, the 23-year-old student is wondering about the best alternative to favor by 2022: “For someone who is between 18 and 27 years old and who comes back to Nancy every weekend, it is certain that taking a subscription TGVmax is best to do. But for me who leaves Paris only once a month to see my family, I don’t think so ”.

His friend Arthur Hans, the same age, is satisfied to benefit from this package allowing, in short, to borrow unlimited TGVs against € 79 per month. “I’m lucky,” he says.

Adaptation at all costs

Students are once again suffering from the poor performance of the rail services available in Southern Lorraine.

After the Nancy residents studying in Lyon had to put up with the elimination of night trains in 2016, then direct connections to Part-Dieu station in 2019, it is the turn of Parisians to face the future withdrawal of the two daily Ouigo connections.

However, for Laetitia Jabot as for Sophie Butler, the decision of the SNCF will “perhaps change the frequency” of their comings and goings in Nancy, or even force Sophie to ” come home less often“, But that will not prevent them from giving up taking the train to Nancy when they need it. “It’s still more advantageous than the car,” they say.

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