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OL – Mercato: after the Laborde failure, Juninho is preparing his revenge on Stade Rennais – Goal! Football club


Zapping Goal! Football club OL: Peter Bosz, new coach of Gones

OL are no longer looking for the rare bird in attack in the summer transfer window. As already indicated yesterday, the Lyonnais had positioned themselves on Gaëtan Laborde and they sent the MHSC an offer of 15 M € bonus included in the morning. Not enough for the Hérault club, which expected this amount without the bonuses.

A few hours later, the staff of Peter Bosz felt that this same Laborde would not provide the guarantees of a substantial improvement in the workforce, in a sector already provided and that it was therefore necessary to drop the matter. Suddenly, Stade Rennais is now in the best position to hit the mark in this case. All that remains for OL is the last-minute surprise that is always likely to spice up the final sprint of the transfer window.

According to L’Équipe, Lyon thus looked in the sector of the central defenders since the programmed departure of Marcelo would leave a free place. The Rhone club has rethought Samuel Gigot (27), the Axial of Spartak Moscow, already on its shelves two years ago. And also watched closely by a certain Florian Maurice at Stade Rennais … who still needs a quality stopper. The sports daily specifies, however, that it would be a surprise to see him land at OL by midnight …

to summarize

After having finally decided to drop the track leading to Gaëtan Laborde in the summer transfer window, OL would nevertheless consider recruiting a central defender … stamped Stade Rennais. This is Samuel Gigot (Spartak).



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