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Coronavirus ONLINE: Vaccination with Sputnik V ends today in Slovakia –


The spread of covid-19 is gradually accelerating in Slovakia, but in many European countries the situation is more serious. We still follow everything important ONLINE today.

Most importantly:

– New division of districts from Monday 30 August,

– View the current map of confirmed cases in Slovakia and ONLINE statistics,

– We watched yesterday.


8:37 – NEW ZEALAND: The New Zealand government said new cases of covid-19 fell to 49 the next day, due to the country’s strict quarantine in August.

According to the local Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, the declining number of daily cases signals that the restriction of social contacts to prevent the spread of the highly infectious variant of the delta works. (ČT24)

7:41 – SPUTNIK V: In Slovakia, vaccination with the Russian vaccine Sputnik V ends today. This is the last date when it is possible to receive a second dose of this vaccine. The vaccine, which was delivered to Slovakia, expires tomorrow. The Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic informed about it.

According to a spokeswoman for the health department, 6 more people were waiting for the second dose of this vaccine yesterday.

By Monday 30 August, a total of 37,021 doses of this vaccine had been administered in Slovakia. “In total, slightly more than 18,500 people are vaccinated with the Sputnik V vaccine in Slovakia,” added spokeswoman Zuzana Eliášová. (TASR)

6:53 – NEW VARIANT: Scientists in South Africa detected a new variant of the coronaviruswhich is worrying about its high number of mutations. However, the frequency of this variant is not yet high. (TASR)

6:27 – PCR TESTS:In addition to paid tests, you are entitled to Slovakia also for free if you experience symptoms of the disease. The state calls for an order on the website you experience at least one of the symptoms. It does not specify the extent or duration of their feeling. There is also no need for a doctor’s recommendation. They will not send you to quarantine after ordering a test.

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