NewsWorldIsrael-Gaza, "ceasefire possible tomorrow"

Israel-Gaza, “ceasefire possible tomorrow”


A ceasefire between Israel and Hamas could come into effect tomorrow. The ‘Wall Street Journal’ writes, citing sources close to the negotiations according to which the Egyptian mediators have made ” progress in talks with Hamas leaders ”. Israel, writes the ‘Wall Street Journal’, would have ” admitted ” that it is close to achieving its military objectives. In addition to Egypt, Qatar and the United States are also working and lobbying for a ceasefire. Read also The only unknowns are the timing of the agreement and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. According to an American official quoted by the ‘Wall Street Journal’, in fact, the group is considered a ” wild card ” and it is believed that it could continue to launch attacks against Israel even after the ceasefire agreement. The White House has not commented. Even Hamas believes that a ceasefire agreement with Israel may be ” imminent ”, that is, within a couple of days. ” I think we will probably come to a ceasefire in the next couple of days. Only God knows when the mediators will be able to reach an agreement, ” said the number two of the Hamas politburo, Mousa Abu Marzook, according to the ‘Ynet’ website. And another Hamas leader quoted by ‘CNN’ speaks of a ” positive atmosphere ”, ” thanks to the support of our Egyptian and Qatari brothers. ” “We can fight for months, what is hidden from Israel’s eyes is much larger. If Israel had launched a land raid in the Strip, it would have seen things it had never seen before, ” Abu Marzook added, arguing that “Israel is working vigorously to achieve a ceasefire.” .



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