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Balúch’s BARE BREAST launched an avalanche: THIS refers to angry Barbora! – Topky


Barbora Balúchová is not only the mother of one of Kollár’s children, but she also sings and occasionally appears in front of the cameras. She acted, for example, in the Jojkár series New Life and was also given the opportunity in a novelty called Hospital.

As we also informed you on your toes, Barbora showed there that she is not a shame. As a true professional, she managed to shoot scenes in which her camera filmed her naked breasts as part of an examination.

The acting act of Kollár’s mother: Balúchová in the jojkár series… BARE BREASTS on the screen!

The exposed silicones of the former superstar made quite a stir. “Breasts, breasts, breasts. I’m sorry that you didn’t notice what the essence was. You’re just asking if they were mine or not. But it’s not important at all, ” Barbora herself reacted to the margin of commotion, and she regrets that instead of her strengths, people did not pay more attention to the story of the young lady.

The character Barbora played has been fighting breast cancer in the past. She lost her lures and had silicones made because of her illness. However, she was not happy with them. The examinations revealed that her illness had returned …

Source: Tv Joj

Baluchova BARE BREAST launched

Source: Tv Joj

Baluchova BARE BREASTS launched

Source: Tv Joj

“Women, when was the last time you were on a breast sono? This is the essential thing I wanted you to take away and go on regular shows. Just because it doesn’t hurt you doesn’t mean you’re healthy. Prevention is the key. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the world and is also the most common cause of death in women from cancer, ”led Balúchová in her contribution. As she added, about 2,000 new cases are diagnosed annually in our republic.

“Please go and attend all preventive check-ups. And if even a few of you go because of my contribution to the show, I’ll know it all made sense, ” concluded Barbora. In connection with this, she revealed to her friends and fans that they also had experience with an insidious disease in her family. “We could not get my father to the doctor. And when we did, he came at twelve o’clock. Diagnosis of cancer. And today I thank God and the doctors for being alive and well. ” she added.


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