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Marseille regales the Vélodrome – Debrief and NOTES of the players (OM 3-1 ASSE) – Maxifoot


Very attractive, Olympique de Marseille logically gained the upper hand over Saint-tienne (3-1), this Saturday, during the 4th day of Ligue 1. A very convincing performance from the club phocen, which found the fault by three of its recruits.

Guendouzi scored his first goal with OM.

After the shock Nice, the beautiful game. At the end of a successful performance, Olympique de Marseille quite easily beat Saint-tienne (3-1), this Saturday, as part of the 4th day of Ligue 1. Push by an excited crowd, the formation of Jorge Sampaoli showed very good things to obtain his first success of the season at home.

Guendouzi lights the Vlodrome, Kolodziejczak turns it off

In a packed Vlodrome, the game started at a mile an hour. Mandanda stepped in in front of Bouanga as Green fought off a Rongier strike from close range. Dominators, the Marseillais exerted a constant pressing and managed to draw the opposing lines. It was also on a long opening of Payet to nder that the light came, since Guendouzi, served by De la Fuente, found the fault in an extraordinary atmosphere (1-0, 23rd).

Surprised, the Greens found the extinguisher quickly enough to dye the Phocene enclosure. On a corner from Aouchiche, Kolodziejczak played the mover in front of Alvaro and Rongier and landed an unstoppable header for Mandanda (1-1, 32nd). Carried by a sharp Khazri, ASSE took little bit of confidence. But she was not far from being surprised on a distant strike from Guendouzi which struck the post.

Marseille too strong for ASSE

Back from the locker room, Marseille did not procrastinate and regained the advantage. On a new action initiated by Payet and nder, Gerson took advantage this time of a caviar from Rongier to adjust Green under the bar (2-1, 51st). As in the first period, the Greens clung and annoyed the Marseillais who had more and more difficulty getting the ball out. But this time, nder was in charge of giving a good mattress in advance by adjusting Green with a nice shot rolls into the small net (3-1, 68 ‘).

With the Vlodrome finally liberated, OM loosened their grip slightly and left some space for the Greens. The southern club nevertheless obtained several opportunities on clear blocks but the attackers narrowly missed in the last gesture. It still needed a nice save from Green to prevent Payet from pushing the fourth goal. A very good performance from the Marseillais, who delighted their audience despite a last scare in extra time with a fine stop by Mandanda ahead of Nordin.

The score of the match: 7.5 / 10

A very pleasant match to follow in a molten Vlodrome with a rather exceptional atmosphere. OM offered a very enjoyable show with loose play sequences. A great Ligue 1 meeting which confirms the good intentions of all the Ligue 1 teams.

The goals :

– On the right side, Payet makes a magnificent opening to nder. The Turk crosses on the other side for De la Fuente, who after a devious strike, pulls back for Guendouzi. With a dry strike low to the ground, the player loaned by Arsenal deceives Green at the near post (1-0, 23rd).

– On a right corner, Aouchiche crosses in front of Mandanda’s goal, where Kolodziejczak wins in the air against Alvaro and Rongier to cross an unstoppable head in the small opposite net (1-1, 32nd).

– After a cross from nder repulsed by Sow, Rongier recovers the ball in the box. The French midfielder transmits it to Gerson, who in front of goal, calmly controls and adjusts Green with a flat foot under the bar (2-1, 51st).

– Pressured by Payet, Sow misses his raise and gives the ball nder. On the right side, the Turkish winger fixes his screw – screw and places a perfect wound shot in the small right net of Green (3-1, 68 ‘).

Player NOTES

Maxifoot has awarded a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the match: Cengiz nder (8/10)

The Turkish winger was particularly in sight in this game. His multiple provocations gave headaches to Kolodziejczak, who never knew how to stop him. He is also involved on the first two goals with passes that have destabilized the opposing defense and then driving the nail with a superb strike in the small opposite net. He could have finished with a decisive pass on the clock but Luis Henrique failed to convert his offering. A full match for him!


Steve Mandanda (6.5): the Marseille goalkeeper was much more reassuring in this match with several important saves on attempts by Bouanga and Nordin. He was solid on his line.

William Saliba (6.5): against his former club, the central defender has never trembled. Serene, he even allowed himself several very daring outings.

lvaro Gonzlez (5): the image of the goal conceded against Nice, the Spanish central defender lacked aggressiveness to win his duel against Kolodziejczak on the Stphanoise equalizer. He was fairly average in some aerial duels.

Luan Peres (6.5): not very worried, the Brazilian has often helped his midfielders with his breakthroughs to raise the block. It is one of them which brings the third Marseille goal.

Valentin Rongier (6.5): yet renowned for having a good shot, the midfielder formed Nantes was completely failing the finish by spoiling very clear opportunities. And yet, he gave in an off-center midfield position with a lot of defensive work and a decisive pass for Gerson. Replace the 73rd minute with Pope Gueye (not rated).

Boubacar Kamara (7): a meeting of duty for the defensive midfielder, who cut the Stphanoise passes well. His pressing on the ball carrier was very effective.

Matto Guendouzi (7.5): a real good match for the French midfielder, who impressed with his volume of play. Author of the first goal with a low strike, he is not far from the double before the break from a long shot that found the post. A tone below in the second period with some loss of ball.

Cengiz nder (8): read comment above.

Gerson (6.5): a tone below his partners in the middle in the first period. The Brazilian nevertheless stood out with a caviar that was not exploited by Rongier before the break. Upon returning from the locker room, the former Nantes player made up for it perfectly by offering him his turn a gift that he converted into a goal, his first under his colors in an official match. Replace the 86th minute with Pol Lirola (not rated).

Konrad De La Fuente (6.5): back in the starting XI, the American winger was once again trembling. Decisive passer on Guendouzi’s goal, he never stopped provoking even if he did not succeed. An interesting activity. Replace the 56th minute with Luis Henrique (not rated), which was failing to finish.

Dimitri Payet (7.5): in line with his start to the season, the attacking midfielder was radiant in this match with a magnificent opening that led to Guendouzi’s goal. His placement between the lines was a real problem for the Greens, as on the second goal with another sharp pass to the front. His technical touch was key in this part.


Etienne Green (4): very good against Lille, the green keeper has passed this evening. Apart from two strikes from Rongier and Payet repulsed, he was not decisive.

Yvann Maon (5): in view in the first period with several tumbles, the right lateral has gradually lost track. He suffered a lot when he got back from the locker room.

Saidou Sow (3): a more than average match for the central defender. On the last two goals, it lacks raises perfectly exploited by the Marseillais. A disappointment.

Harold Moukoudi (5): the central defender was a little less in difficulty than Sow. But he can blame himself for his missed exit on the first goal, leaving his partners to themselves.

Timothe Kolodziejczak (4.5): very busy in this match, often with 3 against 1, the former Lyonnais has often drunk the cup defensively. He did not let go to equalize with a crossed head on a corner. On the other hand, it sank after the break on the nder landslides.

Mahdi Camara (4): the Forzian captain did not see the light in this part. Overwhelmed by the mobility of Marseille circles, the Green often ran behind the ball without ever succeeding in controlling the tempo. Replace the 85th minute with Zaydou Youssouf (not rated).

Yvan Neyou Noupa (4.5): disappointing. The Cameroonian environment has not weighed at all. Both defensively and offensively, he did not deliver what was expected.

Lucas Gourna-Douath (4): a very poor copy made by the Stphanois community. Not only did he not add much to the flow of the game, but in addition, his defensive work left to be desired with a nonexistent fallback on the second goal. Replace the 58th minute with Romain Hamouma (not rated).

Adil Aouchiche (5): if his positioning has often disconcerted his opponents, the midfielder trained at PSG had a lot of waste in his passes and controls. Despite his decisive pass from a corner for Kolodziejczak, he was disappointing. Replace the 46th minute with Arnaud Nordin (5), who gets a big chance late in the game.

Wahbi Khazri (6): as usual, the Tunisian striker was good against OM. He posed great worries in the first period between his well-felt dropouts and his sharp piercing. He was unfortunately quite alone on the whole and saw Aouchiche spoil his caviar in the surface. Replace the 70th minute with Jean-Philippe Krasso (not rated).

Denis Bouanga (5): dangerous entry with a tense shot repelled by Mandanda, the Gabonese striker was irregular. He lacked efficiency in the area despite preferential positions. Replace the 70th minute with Mathys Saban (not rated).

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MARSEILLE 3-1 ST ETIENNE (mid-time: 1-1) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 4th day
Stadium: Orange Velodrome, Marseille – Referee: Benoit Millot, France

Goals : M. Guendouzi (23rd) Gerson (51st) C. nder (69th) for MARSEILLE – T. Kolodziejczak (32nd) for ST ETIENNE
Warnings : P. Gueye (88th), for MARSEILLE – W. Khazri (42nd), Y. Maon (50th), M. Camara (61st), for ST ETIENNE

MARSEILLE : S. Mandandalvaro GonzlezW. Saliba, Luan PeresB. Kamara, Mr. GuendouziC. nder, V. Rongier (P. Gueye, 74th), Gerson (Pol Lirola, 86th), K. De La Fuente (Luis Henrique, 57th)D. Payet

ST ETIENNE : E. GreenS. Sow, H. MoukoudiY. Maon, T. KolodziejczakM. Camara (Z. Youssouf, 85th), L. Gourna-Douath (R. Hamouma, 59th), Y. Neyou NoupaD. Bouanga (J. Krasso, 71st), A. Aouchiche (A. Nordin, 46th), W. Khazri (M. Saban, 71st)

The world has changed … not us

Guendouzi opened the scoring with his first goal OM (1-0, 23rd)

Gerson also opened his counter in an official match (2-1, 51st)

Saliba had a good match

nder also found the fault for Marseille (3-1, 68th)


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