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Boredom and minimum goals. In three matches, only Senica –


Before the start of the meeting, they observed a minute of silence with the sudden death of 38-year-old football official from Žilina, Marek Majtan. On the wet turf in Poprad, better home players Tatrana Liptovský Mikuláš entered the match.

With 6 minutes played, Švec nearly put the visitors another one up as he broke through in the middle and fired from just outside the box, but his shot passed just over the bar. His solo was stopped only by a debatable intervention by the Senate captain Pavlík in his own sixteen. In the 13th minute, Krčík fired inaccurately from a distance.

Ravas watched the shot from outside the three poles only with his gaze. But in a minute, the score changed for the first time. In front of the Senice goal, the defender Laura orientated himself best after a corner kick and shot Ravas up close.

Finally, the ball rolled behind the goal line, the Senice extreme defender Svoboda kicked it from behind the line. Tatran continued to be a more active team. Senica was reminded in the 20th minute. Šumbera sent an inaccurate shot at the goal of Liptovský Mikuláš.

A pass to the side pulled the defense out of position which let Mashike Sukisa slip through on goal. The ball ended up right next to the goal. The visitors’ keeper was happy 35 minutes into the game, after he broke through the middle and scored, resulting in the visitors taking the lead. The indistinct Egert was replaced by a young man, Halabrín.

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Three minutes later, the guests were reminded again by a dangerous event. Robin Hranáč presented himself with a good defensive intervention in small limes.

The guests received a settlement just before the break. Twardek sent the center to the home penalty, where one of Liptákov played with his hand and a penalty kick followed. Legionnaire Mashike Sukisa turned in cold blood – 1: 1.

The guests entered the second half as exchanges. After 55 minutes, Duda sent a free kick in high over the penalty box. The ball was sent directly at the goal, the goalkeeper Liptákov Luksch was ready. The home team threatened a quick counterattack. But Bartoš’s header had no force or accuracy.

Káčerík’s cross shot ended in the gloves of the Senice goalkeeper, another Liptákov cannon was blocked by the visiting players on the corner kick. In front of Senice, it burned again in the 68th minute. Captain Senice Pavlík averted the ground floor of the home team at the last moment.

After the confusion in the defense of Liptovský Mikuláš, the striker Mashike Sukisa scored almost for the second time in the match. His close-up, however, missed Luksch’s goal. Immediately, Káčerík shot dangerously on the other side. Ravas kept Senica in the game by three points with a key intervention. The guests took the lead 78 minutes into the match, after a right-side attack resulted in a goal.

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The home legionnaire Chan-Soo was wrong in starting the offensive action of Liptovský Mikuláš, from which Halabrín ultimately benefited. Luksch didn’t have a chance. 1 – 2 was the score after the first half.

The locals tried to settle. Senici thus opened windows in the defense of Liptákov. Mashike Sukisa almost used one of them. Curious situation occurred in the 85th minute. Liptovský Mikuláš’s Petruš coach was replaced by Korean Chan-Soo, who was only 11 minutes on the pitch and broke almost all passes.

In the end, the home threw all forces into the attack. However, the long kicked ball did not bring them leveling. At the set time, Captain Bartoš found himself in a good position, but Ravas was ready.

MFK Tatran Liptovsky Mikulas – FK Senica 1: 2 (1: 1)
Goals: 14. Laura – 45. Mashike Sukisa (from 11 m), 78. Halabrín. ŽK: Laura (LM), Judges: Glova – Ádám, Kmec, 42 spectators
Liptovsky Mikulas: Luksch – Laura, Flak (74. Andrič), Krčík, Hranáč – Staš (74. Chan-Soo, 85. Voško), Švec (58. Káčerík), Filinský, Bartoš © – Kotora, Krčík.
Senica: Ravas – Svoboda (69. Kučera), Pavlík, Gáč, Šimčák – Goslin (52. Mašulovič), Egert (35. Halabrín) – Twardek, Duda (69. Niarchos), Šumbera – Mashike Sukisa.

Pod Čebraťom without goals

Footballers MFK Ružomberok drew in the 6th round of the Fortuna League with MFK Zemplín Michalovce 0: 0.

The guests opened the match with a greater appetite. In the 7th min. min. they had the first opportunity, when a pinched projectile sent Ošima from inside the sixteenth and Krajčírik kicked the ball reflexively. It took a while for the Liptovs to get around.

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They had the first opportunity to open the score in the 15th minute, when Madleňák sent a long center to Michalov’s 16th and there was a lot of lack of Gerec’s header to have the adjective goal.

In the 31st min. Regáli ran on the right side and Száraz perfectly caught Kochan from the immediate vicinity. Overall, the first half was quite dull, the stocks on both sides lacked fluency, straightforwardness and accuracy.

In the second act, from its beginning, there was activity on domestic football boots. The Ružomberoks were pounding their opponent and tried to change without a goal.

For a while, Gerec also bypassed the goalkeeper Zemplínčania, but he did not succeed in the end. In the 69th min. Kanu offered the goal to Popovits and the home team ratified J. Maslo when he bravely threw himself into the shot. Immediately, Száras eliminated Madleňák’s opportunity on the goal line.

In the 77th min. the people of Michalovce were threatened again when Žofčák’s wrapper flew past the far pole. In the 83rd min. Kvocera had a huge opportunity, he went to the guardian of the home shrine of Krajčírik, who carved the shot on the pole and corner.

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In the last minute, Krajčírik fantastically caught the agile Popovits in tutovka. The second run was more lively and interesting under Čebrať, but the spectators did not see football spice.

MFK Ruzomberok – MFK Zemplin Michalovce 0: 0
ZK: Ošima (Michalovce). Decisions: Dohál – Jekkel, Štofík – 617 spectators.
Ruzomberok: Krajčírik – Fabiš, J. Maslo, Mojžiš, Madleňák – Lutheran, Kochan (43. Takáč) – Regáli (69. Boďa), Brenkus (62. Dopater), Kostadinov (43. Tancík) – Gerec.
Michalovce: Száras – Vaško, Šuľa, Ranko – Kotula, Neofytidis, Begala, Mendes (80. Magda) – Žofčák (80. Kvocera), Trusa (Kanu), Ošima (57. Popovits).

Trenčín did not win

AS Trenčín footballers drew in the Fortuna league round with ŠKF Sereď 0: 0.

After 3 minutes, the visitors tied it up at 1 – 1 when a fantastic pass from the left was finished off by Yaa. A free kick just outside of the visitors’ penalty area after 9 minutes could have resulted in another goal, but Hurtado got a hand out and tipped the ball over the bar.

In the 22nd minute Machuča extended Haša to the right wing, his center did not find any of his teammates in the penalty area, but Popovič still got to the shot from about 25 meters, whose attempt was tamed twice by the Trenčín goalkeeper.

In the 40th minute, the guests threatened again, but Haša sent the ball with his head only to the place where the goalkeeper Fryšták stood. After a change of side, the more active Trenčians started in the 53rd minute after Lavrinčík’s heel got into a quick escape Azango, but his center from the left ended in the hands of the goalkeeper Ilieva.

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In the 71st minute, Pires could open the score, but his header from about 7 meters after the corner kick ended outside the area of ​​Sereď’s goal. In the 79th minute, the guests had a chance. After a corner kick, Gatarič was shot from behind Yao’s penalty area, but his attempt hit Fryšták on the corner.

In two minutes, Kadák tried his luck from about 20 m, but his sharp shot was sent by the Sered goalkeeper. After a corner kick was saved by Dias, he saved the ball into the net.

In the 89th minute, Azango sent the ball to the front post of the visitors’ goal, Ikoba ran it headed down, but it flew outside the goal.

After a short tussle with the defender, Kadák finally tucked the ball home.

AS Trencin – SKF Sered 0: 0
Deciding: Mastiš, ŽK: Pires, Kadák – Machuča, Iliev. AS Trenčín: Fryšták – Yem, Pirinen, Pires, Madu – Lavrinčík, Zubairu (77. Jendrišek), Kadák – Gaži (77. Ghali), Ibrahim (65. Ikoba), Azango.
ŠKF Sereď: Iliev – A. Kadlec, Dias, Hurtado, Jureškin (78. Hučko) – Potoma, Machuča – Popović, Gatarić (90. Michalík), Yao – Haša (86. Radič).


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