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Kabul Massacre: US Strikes Back! The alleged attack planner is dead, more attacks are imminent – Topky


The US military has carried out a drone attack on the “planner” of the IS branch operating in Afghanistan, known as IS-K or ISIS-K (Islamic State-Khorasan), which has confessed to the attack at Kabul airport.

Kabul Massacre: US Prepares Revenge Against Islamic State! Biden had plans for attacks drawn up

The alleged “planner” is dead

“The unmanned attack took place in Nangarhar province. Initial signals indicate that we killed the target,” US Army Central Command spokesman Bill Urban said in a statement. He added that no civilian casualties were reported. “The Reaper drone, which took off from the Middle East, hit a radical in the car in which he was sitting with another member of the Islamic State. Both were killed in the strike.” said an army spokesman.

It was not clear whether the killed IS member was specifically involved in planning Thursday’s bombing, the AP noted. According to the BBC, he claimed at least 90 victims and 150 injured. However, data on the exact number of victims vary. However, al-Jazeera’s Pan-Arab station writes of at least 110 victims. The American station CBS reported at least 170 killed.

Source: SITA / Sgt. Isaiah Campbell / US Marine Corps via AP

We are ready for more attacks

The province of Nangarhar, located east of Kabul, is considered the stronghold of the Islamic State-Khorasan group. It is believed that most of the extremists from the ranks of this organization, which is considered the most violent Islamic group in Afghanistan and is an enemy of the West and the Taliban movement, are hiding there.

Massacre in Kabul: USA

Source: SITA / AP / Khwaja Tawfiq Sediqi

The AP recalled that the United States carried out the strike less than 48 hours after the suicide bombing in Kabul, which was claimed by the Islamic State-Khorasan group. The US government has issued a new warning about the situation in Afghanistan, urging US citizens not to stay at the gates of Kabul airport as further attacks are imminent. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said there were still specific credible threats to the airport. “We are ready for further attempts at attack,” Kirby said.

Bomb attack at the airport

The Afghan Taliban movement said at least 28 of its members had died in the attack. The attacks also killed 13 American soldiers and injured 18 others. Although the original reports spoke of two bombings, according to the Pentagon’s statement on Friday, there was only one explosion carried out in front of the airport gate by a suicide bomber.

Situation in Afghanistan

Source: SITA / US Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Samuel Ruiz

US President Joe Biden announced on Thursday that he had ordered military commanders to draw up operational plans for attacks on IS lines, assets and equipment. “Those who carried out this attack, as well as anyone else who wishes to harm America, know: We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will persecute you and force you to pay.” promised. At the same time, the United States has once again called on its citizens to leave the airport gates “immediately” because there is still a serious danger.


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