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Covid: the virus was not developed “as a biological weapon”, according to a US report – Sortaparis


By Graziella L. Posted Aug 28, 2021 4:03 PM

A US intelligence report concludes that the Covid-19 virus was not developed “as a biological weapon” and “probably” was not genetically engineered.

The American intelligence delivered this Friday their report on the origin of Covid-19 requested by the president Joe biden. They conclude that “the virus was not developed as a biological weapon nor was it produced by genetic engineering“. However, the returns of the American agencies do not make it possible to answer the true origin of SARS-CoV-2.

the declassified report evokes the probability of two hypotheses: one natural exposure to an infected animal or an incident associated with a laboratory. Analysts have so far failed to stop on one or the other of these explanations. Indeed, without additional information, the Americans believe “that they will not be able to provide a more definitive explanation of the origin of COVID-19“.

Even though the intelligence services believe that Chinese officialswere unaware of the virus prior to the onset of the initial COVID-19 outbreak“, the lack of cooperation from China in the investigation ask question. “Beijing continues to obstruct global investigation, resist information sharing and blame other countries, including the European Union“, they added.

What is the origin of the coronavirus? What is the origin of the coronavirus? What is the origin of the coronavirus? What is the origin of Covid-19? Research is “at a standstill”, regret WHO experts
The Covid-19 epidemic has been spreading around the world for more than a year. But the origin of this disease remains a mystery. After an initial investigation without satisfactory conclusions, scientists fear they will never find the end of the story. [Lire la suite]


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