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Karin Majtánová IS PUBLISHED TODAY: FIRST PHOTO The star of RTVS is a beautiful BRIDE… Oh for that dress! – Topky


Karin and Peter said yes after a seven-year relationship. The couple decided to seal their relationship officially, as they have been functioning as a family for years, but officially they lacked one “paper” detail. The bride chose a beautiful white robe for her day and entered the church grounds after 16:00.

She arrived at a luxurious dad. When she got out, she was brought in front of the church gates by her long-time good friend Roman Berkeš – the director of the association of Slovak travel agencies, and her daughter Kajka and her bridesmaids were waiting for her in front of the entrance. Friend Roman then handed Karin over to her father, who led her to church.

The beautiful Karin was taken to the church by her long-time friend Roman Berkeš

Source: Topky

Her daughter Kajka (in pink) was waiting for Karin in front of the church
Karin Majtanova today

Source: Topky

In the church in front of the altar, her husband Peter Kremnický has already taken over his Karin, to whom the moderator said her yes in front of dozens of enthusiastic wedding guests.

Karin Majtánová with her husband Petr Kremnický
Karin Majtanova today

Source: Topky

Karin Majtanova today

Source: Topky

The beautiful Karin was led to the altar by her proud father
Karin Majtanova today

Source: Topky

Her beloved sister Janette became a witness to the presenter. Of course, prominent guests are also present at the wedding. Among them is singer Marcela Laiferová, designer Rebecca Justh, Karina’s colleague Soňa Müllerová, moderator Andrea Vadkerti and designer Jozef Grondžák.

Her sister Janette became a witness to Karin Majtánová
Karin Majtanova today

Source: Topky

The ceremony was followed by congratulations from all present. After them, the married couple left the church and moved to the premises of a luxury restaurant on the Danube embankment, where today, together with all present, they will enjoy their post-wedding party.

Congratulations to the newlyweds on their big day and we wish them a lot of love in their next life together!

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