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Z. Mujahid, Taliban spokesman: “Our priority is the return of security”


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While the situation in Afghanistan has preoccupied a large part of the international community since the capture of Kabul by the Taliban, the spokesperson for the fundamentalist group gave an exclusive interview to France 24. He returned in particular to the double attack that affected the Kabul airport and on the diplomatic relations that the Taliban regime wishes to establish with France.

Two weeks after the Taliban took power, and three days after the double attack perpetrated at Kabul airport and claimed by the Islamic State group, Taliban spokesman Zabihula Mujahid gave an exclusive interview to France 24 .

Zabihula Mujahid notably accuses the American soldiers of being responsible for the chaos which reigns at the Hamid-Karzai airport, which encouraged the double attack which claimed the lives of at least 85 Afghan civilians and 13 American soldiers.

In addition, the spokesperson assures the will of the Taliban to have “good relations with the French”, adding that “the security of French nationals as diplomatic representations” will be assured.

American “invaders”

“The attack is the cause of two factors,” Zabihula Mujahid told France 24. “First, it’s the fault of the American soldiers: they brought thousands of people to the airport. The second is that it was impossible for us to fully ensure security with all this crowd, “he continues. “How do you want to filter one by one through the thousands of people in such a small space? There are those who came and those who were already there… That’s why the suicide bomber came by.”

For Zabihula Mujahid, who describes the Americans as “invaders in Afghanistan”, they only came to wage war. “Even still reclusive in the Kabul airport, in such a small part of Afghanistan, they are causing problems for the Afghans.”

“To have diplomatic relations with the French government”

Assuring that the Taliban currently control 93 or 94% of the city, Zabihula Mujahid again brings up the “airport security issue” with the Americans. “Under our agreements, we are waiting for August 31 and their departure,” he continues. “Our priority is to restore security to this country.”

On relations between France and the Taliban, Zabihula Mujahid assures us that they are at the heart of their concerns. “The future we want for Afghanistan is a future where our country will be a partner of the international community, and we are particularly counting on our diplomatic and friendly relations with France,” he said. “We want to have diplomatic relations with the French government under international law like normal countries. We will ensure the security of French nationals like diplomatic representations.”


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