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Tomorrow belongs to us: Chloé principal, Sandrine, Morgane and Arthur are leaving, Raphaelle, Xavier’s ex-wife is coming to Sète! What to expect from September 30 to 03 in DNA – News Actual


“Tomorrow belongs to us” (DNA): summaries and spoilers in advance from Monday August 30 to Friday September 03, 2021. If the series offers itself a short moment of respite during the weed-end, don’t lose the thread and discover the spoilers and other indiscretions covering the period from Monday August 30 to Friday September 03, 2021. It is an eventful week which promises to be for Chloé Delcourt the flagship character of the TF1 series.

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Next week is back to school in “Tomorrow belongs to us”. Chloe takes her first steps as a principal. Its task will not be easy, the Agnès Varda high school will indeed be faced with mourning. And Martin Constant will lead the investigation into this murder which will shake up several of your favorite characters. Irene, the CPE, will also put spikes in the wheels of the new principal by hiding certain information from her.

In parallel. Mona wants to return to the school benches and register for the final year, and Raphaëlle, Xavier’s ex-wife, arrives in Sète! If Camille and Maud are happy to see her again, Chloe will remain on the reserve.

Mathilde remains in love with Clément, unaware that under his Prince Charming airs, he hides heavy secrets. Bart and Louise meanwhile do not like the teenager who does not seem very balanced to them.

It will also be time to say goodbye to one of the series’ favorite families. Sandrine, Morgane and Arthur will indeed fly to Guadeloupe. Goodbyes with Gabriel are going to be heartbreaking.

And one of the inhabitants of Sète is going to get his hands on the famous gold ingot that the hostage takers lost during their run! As for Sylvain, will he agree to continue living under Charlie’s same roof?

Tomorrow belongs to us summarized in advance from August 30 to September 03, 2021

Monday, August 30, 2021, episode 1002: Chloé is appointed principal of Agnès Varda, a large high school in Sète. This new beginning anguishes him. Especially since even before the start of the school year, a tragedy is on the way… Fortunately, Alex is there to support her. Charlie, still in love, finds Anthony. The teenagers of Sète set off in search of the gold bar that disappeared after the Spoon was taken hostage.

Tuesday, August 31, 2021, episode 1003: Mathilde thinks only of Clément, the boy she met the day before. But the young man, in his Prince Charming air, hides heavy secrets. On her way home, Chloe bumps into Raphaëlle, Xavier’s ex-wife. One of the inhabitants of Sète manages to get his hands on the gold ingot.

Wednesday September 1, 2021, episode 1004: Bart and Louise don’t like Clément, Mathilde’s new boyfriend. Indeed, the teenager does not seem very balanced. Under pressure, Chloe finally accepts that he will return to high school Agnès Varda… Sylvain can no longer bear to live under the same roof as Charlie. It’s the day of the big departure for Sandrine, Morgane and Arthur: a new life in Guadeloupe awaits them.

Thursday 02 September 2021, episode 1005 : Mathilde discovers that her boyfriend lied to her a lot. For her part, Chloe is struggling to manage her responsibilities as a principal. From the first days of class, tensions are heightened and Irène, the CPE, is far from making her task easier. Raphaëlle tries to reconcile with Xavier, her ex-husband. Mona wants to change her life.

Friday 03 September 2021, episode 1006: Mathilde is heartbroken and refuses to return to high school. Chloe, at the end of her tether, worries about the mental health of one of her students. She decides to summon her mother, but it’s already too late… Alex can’t help but think of Chloe. Victoire and Georges are convinced that Mona has a new lover.

The trailer for Tomorrow belongs to us new unpublished season

Here’s a quick look at what to expect in future episodes of the series.

Find ” Tomorrow belongs to us »Monday to Friday at 7.10pm on TF1.


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