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Former RTVS boss Mika is in the closet again. Kristína, 25 years younger, shone –


The wedding mood dominated Friday, not exactly the warmest August day in Bratislava’s Zichy Palace. After several years of relationship, Václav Mika, the former director of RTVS, but also Markíza Television and his partner Kristína, said yes to them.


Václav Mika and his partner Kristína Maturová after the wedding ceremony in Zichy Palace.

The couple started together while Mika was married to his previous wife Andrea. Even then, however, it was said that the first marriage of the former boss from Mlynská dolina was only on paper and the married couple were to lead their own lives at that time. Mikov was joined by the charming Kristína, who is 25 years younger than him. And in the end, she completely replaced her former life partner by his side.

Already in 2017, Kristína gave birth to her first daughter Michaela, followed last year by another – Marisa. From 58-year-old Miku on Friday afternoon, at a short ceremony led by the mayor of the Old Town Zuzana Aufrichtová, he was not only a happy groom, but also a satisfied father. Michael’s daughter even played the role of a little bridesmaid who accompanied her parents.

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On the wedding day, Kristína’s bride chose a white sleeveless dress with rich decorative details of lace and embroidery, the straps were decorated with delicate bows, and the blonde held a wedding bouquet of white and creamy-white flowers in her hands.

After the official ceremony, the couple moved to a restaurant on the Petržalka side of the Danube, where a wedding party took place. Many friends of the couple were invited to it, including familiar faces – whether from the world of show business, advertising or political and business life.


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