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PSG: the beginnings of Messi, the future of Mbappé, the Stade de Reims … Pochettino lets go of everything – Goal! Football club


Zapping Goal! Football club PSG: the best statements of the year 2020

The presence of Messi, Neymar and Mbappé

“They have trained well and we are going to analyze, we have not yet given the group. They will surely be part of the group but we do not yet know if they will play from the start. Mbappé has worked well and he prepared the match this morning. Regarding communication, our leaders have already done so regarding the situation. “

Mbappé’s future

“Mbappé did not tell me he wanted to leave.”

Competition from goalkeepers

“All the players who are in the squad have the opportunity to play. We will see who deserves to play. The possibility that Donnarumma exists like the other players. We analyze his performance to see if he deserves to play.”

Bernat’s return

“It’s a good timing for the question because he had a good training session yesterday. It is very close to the competition. He is good compared to his injury but he had a long stoppage, we have to build his He is in good shape and he has to work. We are very happy with what he is doing. We hope to find him very soon. “

Messi’s contribution to Ligue 1

“We are very motivated, even if when we sign a player, we do not have high expectations at the beginning because the player has to discover and adapt to his new club, his new life, his teammates. Ligue 1 is more open with more space and physicality than La Liga. We have a team to keep possession of the ball. But we have the best player in the world. “

to summarize

The coach of Paris Saint-Germain, Mauricio Pochettino, presented himself at a press conference this Saturday on the eve of the trip to the Stade de Reims, on behalf of the fourth day of Ligue 1.


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