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Engagement full of love and adrenaline. A well-known Slovak woman said her yes on an alpine hill –


One of the most beautiful moments was experienced by a well-known moderator, sportswoman and already a writer in undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places – in the heart of the Alps.

Although Lenka Vacvalová devoted some time to acting and subsequently moderating on well-known television Fashion TV, Slovaks register it mainly due to its adventurous nature and the paths that only a few women would choose. The charming presenter has been an active sportswoman for several years now, who inspires her lifestyle mainly on social networks. Today, more than 77,000 people watch it. They love her not only for the motivation she definitely is, but also for the openness and pleasant demeanor that many celebrities can really envy.

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Gentle warrior

Only recently, the tough Slovak surprised with an incredible first place on the METH ultratrail – despite the fact that she unknowingly extended her journey by 10 kilometers. However, it became a sovereign victory within the women’s crew, when the approximately 105-kilometer route through the mountains was run in an incredible 20 hours and 15 minutes.

For Lenka, this was far from the first experience of this type, quite the opposite. In addition to the aforementioned ultratrail, she has also completed the path of the SNP, about which she wrote the book Find Courage. It not only describes how to presenters She became a fearless and persistent athlete in show business, but also how her outlook on life changed. Nevertheless, it can be stated that Lenka is still an elegant lady as she once was – although more than heels, she wears sports sneakers today.

Love as adventure

Undoubtedly, her half is her biggest support. Together with the Czech photographer Jan Poláček, they travel not only to the mentioned competitions, but they are also both fans. active life. As a friend, he is not missing by Lenk’s side at every important event.

The couple just took the fans’ breath away with a beautiful video just a few days ago. Jan decided to ask Slovakia for a hand on a famous hill in the Alps. “When I stood under the Matterhorn two years ago as a suppor, I thought this was not a mountain for me. And yes, I had a similar experience with this great man less than four years ago. But there are some things you have to look at, ” happy Lenka wrote about the shot and added that her journey was just beginning. “Not the Matterhorn, not the ultramarathon, but love is the greatest adventure. So that we can enjoy each other, get angry, understand each other and maybe stand together without a word, ” revealed.

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