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TRAGIC END OF THE SEARCH: They probably caught a beautiful Natália from Domaš, she had a load tied on her leg –


Source: Emergency search team

PREŠOV – The search for the beautiful Natália had the saddest end. Today, the body of a young woman was found washed up near the village of Trepec. According to the information obtained, she probably decided to end her life in the waters of Domaš. The police found a bucket with a weight attached to her leg. The identity of the body has not yet been determined, as DNA tests will show.

It was 26-year-old Natalia V., who decided to sail on a small inflatable boat to the center of Domaš more than three weeks ago. No one has seen her since.

“Due to the stage of decomposition, the woman has not yet been identified. The on-site doctor stated death on the spot, found no signs of a violent nature, but did not rule out foreign guilt on the spot. The exact cause of death will be known after the autopsy, “ the police inform.

Source: FB / Emergency search team

Natalie was last seen from a passing sailboat on the recreational side of Monika. The witness of the event, Tomek Adamik, told how the mysterious disappearance took place. “I went on a boat, she sailed about 50 meters from us. I didn’t see her having anything with her, but she was probably just in a swimsuit. When we turned around, it could have been about 20 minutes, we looked at her boat again, but it was already empty, “ describes the course of the event.

“The oar floated a few meters from the boat. We only found cigarettes, a lighter and a mobile phone cover. I don’t know what could have happened, it was a matter of minutes. We weren’t even very far from the shore, “ says Tomek Adamik.

The emergency search team is intensively looking for a young Prešov woman who has sailed by boat to the center of Domaš. Also because Natalia has been diving for several years and has been an experienced swimmer, the family and searchers believe that she is outside the water reservoir.

An unruly human body was found in the Domaša reservoir near the Trepecký Church on Friday afternoon. Visitors to the cruise ship Bohemia noticed it during the voyage. Police confirmed the finding of a woman’s body.

As Daniel Džobanik, a spokesman for the Regional Directorate of the Prešov Police Force, stated, the identity has not yet been determined.

Source: Maria Rusnáková


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