NewsWorldOrigin Covid, China against the US: "Political manipulation"

Origin Covid, China against the US: “Political manipulation”


The Chinese embassy in the United States accused Washington of “political manipulation” regarding the recent US intelligence report on the origin of Covid-19, considering it a “slander” against Beijing, accused of “refusing to share information”. The report, which considers the hypotheses of natural exposure to an infected animal and that of a laboratory leak to be “plausible”, was requested by the President of the United States, Joe Biden, who guaranteed that he will continue to work to clarify the origins of the pandemic. . Read also “The report was produced by the United States under the guidance of intelligence agencies, and there is no scientificity or credibility of any kind”, attacked the Chinese embassy in Washington in a statement, in which it indicated the intelligence American as the author of “masterpieces” and now of a “fictitious” investigation. For Beijing, the United States is now “repeating the old tricks” by undermining the credibility of the World Health Organization (WHO) report in which China participated and by giving “trust” to that of its agencies. Beijing later regretted it. that the United States accuse her of lack of transparency. “Since the outbreak of the pandemic, China has always followed the principles of openness, transparency and accountability,” the embassy said. Regarding the issue of traceability of the virus, China stressed that it “has demonstrated a scientific, professional, serious and responsible attitude” and “has taken the initiative to initiate global cooperation on traceability with the WHO”. For Beijing , the report “only demonstrates that Washington is moving further and further down the wrong path of political manipulation.” Furthermore, the US is accused of hiding data on the pandemic. “The Wuhan Institute of Virology has twice hosted WHO experts and the extremely unlikely escape of the novel coronavirus from the institute is a clear conclusion of the joint China-WHO research report,” the Chinese embassy said. ‘WHO has already carried out a first investigation in the Chinese laboratory, after which it concluded that its escape was “extremely unlikely”, the Organization recently proposed to carry out a new investigation after recognizing that Beijing did not share the “raw data” of the first cases detected at the end of 2019. However, China refused a second phase of the investigation, requested on numerous occasions by Washington.

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