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Slovan coach after a bad loss with the top team in Europe: Fantastic match, they won’t be in our league like that! – Sports


Pictured coach HC Slovan Bratislava Robert Döme Source: TASR / Ján Krošlák

LEKSAND – Hockey players of HC Slovan Bratislava lost in their first match in the F-group of the Champions League on the ice of the Swedish club Leksands IF 3: 5. They led 2: 0 and 3: 2 in the match, but they lost a valuable scalp in the final five minutes, when Leksand used two power play.

“We took the lead, but the opponent showed its quality. The home team was simply better. These matches are fantastic for our players. They won’t have one in our league. It’s a big school for our players and they can learn how to play hockey on Leksand is one of the top teams in Europe and he did it last season when he won the basic part of the Swedish league, he can punish any mistake. struggles help us to improve, ” said Slovana coach Róbert Döme after the match.

White captain Michal Sersen was also disappointed at the unsuccessful conclusion: “We played with an excellent opponent, one of the best in Europe. We may be sorry, especially weakness at the end of the match. The match decided that. It was a big school for us. I believe it will be a lesson for us in the future and it will help us improve. “

The Slavs will play another match in the Champions League in two days, on Sunday, August 29, they will start at 5.45 pm on the ice of the Swiss club Friborg-Gotterón.

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