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It was a comfortable duel against the Poles. The procedure will be decided with Belarus –


The Slovak hockey representatives also won their second match at the final tournament of the Olympic qualification in Bratislava. On Friday, they clearly defeated Poland 5: 1 and lead the D-group with a full number of 6 points. In the final duel, they will encounter Belarus on Sunday (5.30 pm), while they will have enough points to advance to the 2022 Olympic Games, ie to bring the duel into overtime.

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Peter Cehlárik overcomes Polish goalkeeper John Murray.

The Slovaks had a clear advantage at the Ondrej Nepel Ice Stadium from the beginning and in the 9th minute they took the lead after the premiere national team intervention of Adam Ružička.

They finally broke the opponent’s resistance in the second period, in which Libor Hudáček, Miloš Roman, who replaced the injured Miloš Kelemen, and Peter Cehlárik added more goals. Only Krystian Dziubinski prevailed for Poland. In the third part, he highlighted the dominance of the home team with his second goal in the Ružička match.

Only the winner of the Bratislava tournament will qualify for Beijing. The advancing team will meet Sweden, Finland and other successful qualifiers in the basic C-group of the Olympic Games 2022.

Qualification D-group table:
1. SLOVAKIA 2 2 0 0 0 7: 2 6
2. Poland 2 1 0 0 1 2: 5 3
3. Belarus 2 1 0 0 1 5: 3 3
4. Austria 2 0 0 0 2 3: 7 0

Slovakia – Poland 5: 1 (1: 0, 3: 1, 1: 0)

Goals: 9. Ružička (Čerešňák, Gernát), 25. Hudáček (Čerešňák, Gernát), 27. Roman (Slafkovský, Nemec), 33. Cehlárik (Hudáček, Jurčo), 49. Ružička (Pospíšil, Lantoši) – 31. Dziubinski (Lyszczarczyk) , Chmielewski). Referees: Öhlund (Sweden), Tscherrig (CHE) – Kröyer (DEN), Zunde (LVA), exclusion: 3: 6 for 2 min, power-ups: 1: 1, weakening: 0: 0, 3685 spectators.
Slovakia: Konrád – Jaroš, Marinčin, Gernát, Čerešňák, Kňažko, Grman, Nemec, Ďaloga – Jurčo, Hrivík, Cehlárik – Lantoši, Ružička, Pospíšil – Studenič, Hudáček, Daňo – Slafkovský, Gríger, Roman
Poland: Murray – Kolusz, Ciura, Wajda, Kostek, Górny, Bryk, Wanacki, Jaskiewicz – Pas, Dziubinski, Chmielewski – Zygmunt, Pasiut, Wronka – Urbanowicz, Komorski, Lyszczarczyk – Walega, Starzynski, Przygodzki

The goal joy of Slovak hockey players after a goal ... Photo: TASR, Martin Baumann

Slovakia, Poland The goal joy of Slovak hockey players after the goal of Libor Hudáček.

The Slovaks started actively, dictating the pace of the game from the beginning and employing the opponent with combinations. However, he carefully defended his pre-goal area and most of the shots were aimed at Murray from a distance. The home team managed to overcome the Polish wall in the 9th minute, after Čerešňák’s shot the puck returned in front of the Ružička goal and the disoriented Wanacki knocked him behind the line with a skate – 1: 0.

The Poles complained about the offside, but they did not succeed with the “challenge” and the main arbiter, after consulting with the video referee, acknowledged the goal. The Slovaks allowed the opponent to threaten more significantly only during his power play, in the 14th minute Konrád hit his shoulder at the backhand end of Pasiuta. The home team dominated, only the great Murray kept the Poles afloat.

In the 15th minute, he performed a lightning-fast intervention with a shot by Dan after a quick renumbering, in the Slovak power play he neutralized Hudáček’s chance, with a shot by Slafkovsky he was saved by a throat and at the end of the third he also caught Hrivík.

Slovakia - Belarus, celebration Read more They did not help the Slovaks: the Belarusians were shot, then they made a carpet raid

The home team relented their pressure in the second period and were rewarded with more goals. In the 25th minute, Čerešňák extended Hudáček with a diagonal waist on the left side, which he skated between the circles and increased the shot to 2: 0.

Immediately, Slafkovský found Roman completely free from the mantinel, who overcame Murray in cold-blooded backhand. The Poles responded in the middle of the match when Pospíšil was eliminated, Dziubinski reduced the shot to Konrád’s rash. Ramsay’s charges did not derail and continued to crush the opponent. Daňo was close to the fourth goal after a backhand shot.

The Poles threatened only sporadically, in the 32nd minute Zygmunt pushed through Cehlárik, but Konrád did not overcome. In the 33rd minute, the Slovaks prevailed in the power play for the first time in the tournament, after Hudáček’s cross pass, Cehlárik aimed exactly at the more distant field – 4: 1.

The Poles were no longer able to dampen the Slovak pressure and at times they could not even throw the puck out of the defensive zone, Pospíšil and Lantoši had the fifth goal on hockey sticks.

In the middle, Slovakia coach Craig Ramsey and his ... Photo: TASR, Martin Baumann

Craig Ramsey In the middle, the coach of Slovakia Craig Ramsey and his assistants on the left Andrej Podkonický and on the right Ján Pardavý during the match of the D-group of the Olympic qualification at the Olympic Games in Beijing against Poland.

In the third part, the Slovaks were able to control what was happening on the ice. Studenič could increase the lead over the difference of four goals after a cheeky penetration, it was not until Ružiček who managed to puck the puck into the net after Pospíšil’s throw. The goal had to be confirmed by the scorer.

In the 50th minute, Ružička was close to the hat-trick, the goalkeeper Murray was against. Lantoši and Čerešňák had another chance to increase their lead, Gernát’s knocked down shot ended up on the goalpost, but the score did not change. The Slovaks finished the duel at a leisurely pace and after the 5: 1 victory they scored three more points in the table.

Votes after the match / RTVS /:

Craig Ramsay, SR coach: “In the first period we tried to make the match interesting, again the players sent us unnecessary backhand passports, passes through their own feet. We gave the Poles a chance to return to the match. The coaching staff was not very happy about it and let everyone know that this is not our style of hockey We play for victory, for some purpose, we have a certain system, style of play, we want to dictate the game, but we have allowed the opponent to play his game.

We discussed it during the break and from the second period we changed it and played the game again. We took control of the match again. The credit also goes to the captain and his assistants, who did their job, encouraged everyone and helped them get back on track. You can never expect it to be an easy match, then it will always be a long, challenging night. If you don’t score goals easily, you get harder right away. In the end, we were able to score a few goals today.

I saw great performance from all the formations, especially the fourth attack led by Gríger played extremely well. He played solidly whenever he skated on the ice. Against Belarus, we must stick to our system, as soon as we seize the puck, we must fire towards the attack. We have to focus on our performance, then we are able to make it difficult for any opponent. “

Peter Čerešňák, defender of the Slovak Republic, in the match 0 + 2: “The victory was born hard, we had a chance in the first period, but we did not manage to change them. We did not succeed until the second and third period. We have three points and that is the main thing. In the goal at 2: 0 I moved the puck to Libor Hudáček in the middle zone, he has already dealt with it.

It will be difficult against Belarus. We will definitely sit down and study their game. It will be a fight for everything, we have to prepare 100% for it. We found out that we can score goals, so I hope it will fall against Belarus as well. “

Andrej Podkonický, assistant coach of the Slovak Republic: “We knew it would be a tough match, that the Poles would defend the middle zone well and go full. We wanted to score faster, but the Poles played selflessly and the goalkeeper caught them well. In the second period we broke, we were more aggressive in it. and they went more into the goal.

It will certainly be a difficult match against Belarus, but if we play our game, we will be successful. “

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