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Champions Hockey League: Leksands IF – HC Slovan Bratislava 5: 3 | Š – Š


today 21:34

HC Slovan Bratislava hockey players lost in their first match in the F-group of the Champions League on the ice of the Swedish club Leksands IF 3: 5.

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They led 2: 0 and 3: 2 in the match, but they lost a valuable scalp in the final five minutes, when Leksand used two power play.

The Slavs will play another match in the Champions League in two days, on Sunday, August 29, they will start at 5:45 on the ice of the Swiss club Friborg-Gotterón.


Leksands IF – HC Slovan Bratislava 5: 3 (0: 2, 2: 1, 3: 0)

Goals: 24. Lang (Ahnelöv, Rosén), 31. Ahnelöv (Kloos, Lang), 56. Kloos (Caito, Ruohomaa), 59. Ruohomaa (Veronneau, Caito), 60. Ruohomaa (Lang, Ahnelöv) – 6. Gašpar (Golian ), 10. Bezák, 33. Sukeľ (Urbánek, Valach)

Judges: Nord, Harnebring – Norlander, Almerstedt (all Sweden), disqualification: 1: 4 for 2 min., In addition Bichsel (Leks.) 5 + 10 min. for head attack, power play: 1: 0, weakening: 0: 0


Leksands IF: Kaskisuo – Själin, Caito, Ahnelöv, Bichsel, Berg, Noren, Lundqvist – Ashton, Ruohomaa, Kloos – Lang, Zackrisson, Rosén – Heineman, Aman, Veronneau – Karlsson, Knuts, Forsberg – Ritola

HC Slovan Bratislava: Gudlevskis – Maier, MacKenzie, Golian, Gachulinec, Valach, Štajnoch, Sersen – Takáč, Harris, Gašpar – Yogan, Rapuzzi, Jääskeläinen – Matoušek, Kytnár, Zigo – J. Sukeľ, Bezák, Urbánek – Kundrik

Friborg-Gotterón – HC Oceláři Třinec 6: 2 (2: 1, 2: 1, 2: 0)

Goals: 6. A. Bykov, 14. Mottet, 22. Sprunger, 30. and 55. Marchon, 59. Herren – 7. Vrána, 21. Kundrátek

The first third ideally came out of the Slavs. At first he defended himself weakening and shortly after him Golian pushed out in the middle zone of Gašpar, who after the escape overcame the goalkeeper of the home team – 0: 1. Harris did not punish Leksanda’s mistake in two minutes, but in the 10th minute Slovan’s lead was already two-goal, when Bezák applied dexterity and emphasis – 0: 2.

In the second half, the Swedish team tried to reach a contact goal and scored it in the 24th minute, when Lang, after Ahnelöv’s quick lunge into the opponent’s defense, used the lack of defense of the “whites” – 1: 2. Ahnelöv leveled the score after 32 minutes to make it 2 – 2, as Gudlevskisa struck home after a fine midfield combination through the center, which left him completely unmarked. From the 33rd minute Slovan led again after Sukeľ got behind the defense of the home team and after the escape adjusted to 2: 3. In the 38th minute, the home defender Bichsel received a higher penalty, but the “whites” did not use the five-minute overtime.

The third period belonged to the Leksand players both in terms of goals and goals. Gudlevskis was in more frequent permanence than his counterpart Kaskisuo, but for a long time he kept his team in the game for a valuable victory. In the 55th minute, the “whites” got into a double weakening, in which Kloos shot Gudlevskis – 3: 3. Leksand also used another power play, this time five against four, when he adjusted Ruohoma to 4: 3 up close. The same player then added the fifth goal of the home team, when he closed the score to 5: 3 during the play of the guests without the goalkeeper.

Votes after the match:

Róbert Döme, coach of HC Slovan Bratislava: “We took the lead, but the opponent showed his quality. The hosts were simply better. These matches are fantastic for our players. They will not have one in our league. It is a great school for our players and they can learn how to play hockey at the European level. Leksand is one of the top teams in Europe and he did it last season when he won the basic part of the Swedish league. He can punish every mistake. We need such matches as salt in order to get closer to these teams. It’s a long way, but these matches are helping us to improve. ”

Michal Sersen, captain of HC Slovan Bratislava: “We played with an excellent opponent, one of the best in Europe. We may be particularly saddened by the weaknesses at the end of the match. That decided the match. It was a big school for us. I believe that this will be a lesson for us in the future and will help us to improve. ”

Marc-André Fleury performed a famous procedure during the training:


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