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The Taliban plan to form an inclusive interim government: the US does not plan to recognize it – Topky


It is not clear how long such a temporary cabinet should rule. According to sources quoted by al-Jazeera, the restored Afghan Islamic Emirate will lead the so-called commander of the faithful (amir al-muminin). The Taliban’s Supreme Council is currently discussing the specific form of the future government and nominations for ministers.

Sources said the Taliban wanted to bring new faces to the government, including the sons of Tajik and Uzbek tribal leaders. According to them, the USA urged the inclusion of some members of former governments, such as former President Hamid Karzai or the former head of the Supreme Council for National Reconciliation, Abdullah Abdullah, in the cabinet.


Another Taliban source for al-Jazeera said the movement remained committed to the agreement it had signed with the United States in Doha, Qatar, in 2020 to ensure that Afghanistan did not become a haven for terrorists and a base for preparing for terrorist attacks. According to the source it is “it is unfair that the attention (of the world) is focused on several thousand people at (Kabul) airport, while “Millions of Afghans living safely in Kabul are being searched”.

On the issue of women’s rights, the source said that women will be able to work in various government institutions, as was the case under the previous government, especially in the health and education sectors. In addition, local special courts will be set up to fight corruption and exemplary punish corrupt officials.

The United States is in no hurry to recognize the Taliban government

The United States is in no hurry to possibly acknowledge the Taliban government, which has taken control of most of Afghanistan, including the capital, Kabul. White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said this at a press conference on Friday. “I want it to be very clear: neither the US nor the international partners we have spoken to are in a hurry to recognize it of any kind.” said Psaki.

Taliban in Afghanistan

Source: SITA / AP Photo / Dusan Vranic, File

A spokeswoman for US President Joe Biden also said that, according to US security experts, another attack around Kabul airport was “likely” and that the next few days would be “the most dangerous so far”.

According to the British BBC station, at least 90 people died and another 150 were injured in the attack at Kabul airport on Thursday. However, al-Jazeera’s Pan-Arab station writes of at least 110 victims. The American station CBS reported at least 170 killed. The Afghan Taliban movement said at least 28 of its members had died in the attack. According to the AFP agency, there are at least 85 victims.


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