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Another WEDDING: Actress Valuchova is married! The Bride as a FAIRY –


With the marriage, the bag tore this summer. After Tereza Hudecová and Milan Benda from the Marquis show at first sight recently got married in real life, a few days ago, the actress from the Red Tape series Eva Opáleková secretly got married. And the actress Viktória Valúchová (25) is already married.

That Viki Valúchová and Samuel Spišák are a couple, they started whispering in May 2017. A year later, the daughter Margaret’s daughter was born, who will be celebrating for three years in the autumn. The lovers have recently sealed their love in front of the altar. Mrs. Valúchová, who in the past also starred in the show Your Face Sounds, is already married. “Well, it’s out, so it doesn’t matter (laughs). Thank you to everyone who survived this beautiful day, night and morning with us and made it as it was. Perfect. We hug you strongly.” revealed Valúchová on Instagram and added a photo from her big day. Viki was dressed in a simple short-sleeved dress with an exposed belly.

Viktória Valuchová with her daughter.

Source: instagram / viktoriavaluchova

Actress Eva Opáleková got married in June, but it has only happened now.

Source: Instagram


Which bride do you like more?

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