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“Tomorrow belongs to us” in advance of August 30, 2021: Chloe appointed principal of Agnès Varda high school, teens want to find the missing ingot (Summary and spoilers of episode 1002) – News Actual


“Tomorrow belongs to us” in advance with the detailed summary of episode 1002 of Monday, August 30, 2021 – Chloé is appointed principal of Agnès Varda high school, while Nathan and Dorian embark on a treasure hunt. Charlie will not be presented to a judge.

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The detailed summary of episode 1001 of Tomorrow Belongs to Us of August 27, 2021 is also online. Good reading.

Tomorrow is ours recap and spoilers for episode 1002 of Monday, August 30, 2021

Chloé Delcourt appointed principal of Agnès Varda high school

The death of a student will shake Agnès Varda high school in a few days. And the episode begins with a flashback .. 4 days earlier ..

Alex agreed to babysit Celeste at the last minute. He takes the opportunity to congratulate Chloe who learned of her assignment three days ago. Chloe indeed passed the competition for headmistress without really believing in it during her maternity leave and without informing her family. She learned Friday in the letter sent by the Academy of Montpellier that she was appointed to the post of principal at the Agnès Varda high school. If this new beginning anguishes her, she can count on Alex’s support.

Chloe takes her first steps in high school where she is received by Inès the CPE. This one offers to help him acclimatize and she shows him around the establishment. Inès finds it admirable that Chloe has taken this path when she has a baby who will soon be one year old. But when Chloe is on the phone, Inès who has been so charming and adorable, wears a closed gaze…. Chloe then finds Sandrine and they clink glasses at their new beginnings. Sandrine advises her friend to be wary of the CPE who coveted this post of principal.

Ms. Lefranc is at the bedside of her son Clément hospitalized following his discomfort on Friday when Victoire arrives. The first exams are good and the analyzes are in progress. Dr Lazzari is confident and reassures Clément’s mother who is worried. Victoire tells him that Clément did not have a stroke or anything serious. Moreover, Clément can leave the hospital today. Ms. Lefranc apologizes for insisting, she explains to Victoire that Clément has always had poor health and that they spent a lot of time in the hospital.

Garance finds Clément in his hospital room. While they kiss, Clément receives an SMS from Mathilde, which does not escape Garance’s eye. Clément claims to the young woman that it is a text from his little cousin of 12 years.

At the hut, Mathilde is in the company of Lizzie, but the young file is in her thoughts. Clément plays hot and cold with her. Lizzie advises him to invite her to lunch.

In the evening, Mme Lefranc brings her son a verbena, lime blossom, chamomile and orange blossom tea which will help him sleep, but once his mother is gone, Clément grabs a long knife under his bed.

Teens want to embark on a treasure hunt

At La Paillote, Nathan tries to train Dorian in his search for the missing gold bar. A loot of 50,000 € lost in nature and which the Sétois obviously do not seem to care.

The Roussel teenagers are also looking for the ingot. Hadrian told them where the ingot would be. He would have got the info from Charlie. Jordan even uses a metal detector. In the forest, the Roussels come across Dorian and Nathan. Dorian refuses to look for the gold bar with Audrey’s children and to share the 50,000 euros with them.

Charlie is free

In the presence of his lawyer, Virginie Corkas, Charlie is interviewed by Karim as a witness. The lawyer told the police officer that his client was a victim, not an accomplice. She assures Karim that Charlie wanted to prevent an escalation of violence by returning the weapon to Ophélie. Karim puts pressure on Charlie to find out where Anthony hid the last ingot. Charlie denies any involvement. Virginie believes that it is not necessary to extend the hearing on the pretext that her client is still in shock. For his part, Sylvain wonders what he could do with this ingot which still represents 50,000 euros, but for Christelle, it is dirty money and she would not touch it. Worried, she wonders if her husband shouldn’t go see a shrink, but for Sylvain, the whole hostage-taking story is behind him.

Virginie tries to make Charlie listen to reason. Her lawyer tries to make her understand that she is risking a lot. Virginie is indeed certain that Charlie clearly sided with the Messys. Virginie knows full well everything Charlie has been through. She thinks that the girl has feelings for Anthony, that the latter would have used her and that the girl developed Stockholm syndrome. Moreover, the lawyer wishes to put forward this argument in his strategy to avoid him being indicted. Charlie would like to see Anthony. Virginie encourages him to detach himself from it.

Karim takes stock with Martin and Xavier. Opinions differ over Charlie’s involvement; Martin believes Charlie was a victim in this story, but the prosecutor disagrees. Karim thinks that the perception of Xavier who was part of the hostages may have been influenced. To clarify all this, the prosecutor sets up a confrontation between Anthony and Charlie.

During the confrontation, Charlie declares to Anthony that she can’t stop thinking about him, convinced that something very bad has happened between them. But Ophelia’s brother is cold and hurtful .. He declares to Charlie that she never interested her, not even for a second .. The young man then denies any involvement on the part of Charlie in the taking. hostages and proves to be hurtful again. He describes the young girl as a ball and sticks him and his sister … Charlie thinks he’s lying to protect her. Anthony replies that she is really too co ** e ..

The Moreno’s are waiting for Charlie outside the police station. Virginie explains to them that the young girl will not be indicted. Charlie is not considered to be Anthony’s accomplice. The acts with which he is accused do not constitute an offense. It will therefore not be presented to a judge. As an aside, Virginie tells Christelle of her concern about Charlie who, according to her, is in psychological distress. Christelle plans to call a shrink and thanks Virginie for defending her

Tomorrow belongs to us: New generic

To celebrate the thousandth episode of the daily series, the production has decided to have a facelift by drawing for the occasion a brand new credits.

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Find ” Tomorrow belongs to us »Monday to Friday at 19.05 on TF1.


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