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Star Johnny Depp visited the Czech Republic: Oh, well organized! – Topky


The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival hosts another world star. During the opening ceremony, much attention was focused on the Oscar-winning actor Michael Caine, who received the Crystal Globe for his extraordinary artistic contribution to world cinema.

Oscar-winning actor (88) in the Czech Republic: They have to support him, his wife … Dude, a real bastard!

Another famous actor visited our western neighbors on Thursday evening. And that’s Johnny Depp. He came there to present his new works, in which he participates not only as an actor but also as a producer.

The famous actor was, of course, welcomed by the director of the film festival Jiří Bartoška, ​​numerous security guards and fans. Depp flew in a private jet and was definitely impressed with the look. In addition to sunglasses, he also attracted attention by wearing a scarf tied on his head and a cap on it. He wore a scarf around his neck, a sweatshirt around his waist. The pockets of the jacket he was wearing were washed, and even a brush stuck out of one of them.


Star Johnny Depp visited


Johnny couldn’t sign autographs. However, his interest in his person was pleasant. According to, after participating in the festival in Karlovy Vary, similar events await him in France and Spain. There he should receive a lifetime achievement award.


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